Feb 20, 2021

Expert Tips for Planning Your Upcoming Porch, Window, or Insulation Project

Lindus Construction’s COO, Andy Lindus offers tips on how to approach your upcoming home improvement projects. These key tips could help you save big on your projects. 

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Quality Deck & Porch Construction with a Reliable Contractor

The most expensive home improvement is the one you pay for twice.  This especially holds true when it comes to converting a three-season porch to a four-season porch.  This is because the conversion to a four-season porch often requires upgrades to the space’s footings, windows, and insulation.  However, preplanning can avoid these extra expenses.  Many homeowners choose to include windows with combination glass packs.  This means the window sashes are removable, allowing for ample ventilation during the summer months.

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Energy Efficient Window Installation in the Twin Cities

For homeowners wanting long-lasting energy efficient windows throughout their home, Infinity® from Marvin can prove to be an optimum choice.  They’re comprised of Ultrex® fiberglass which has the same rate of expansion and contraction of the glass.  Twin Cities homeowners appreciated that they are manufactured in Minnesota in order to withstand the area’s rampant temperature swings.  Their solar heat gain ratings also make them a wise choice for the Minnesota winters.  

Even though they are only double pane windows, their inside temperature is often warmer than quality triple pane windows.  This happens because the thermal transfer from the cold can happen faster on many triple pane windows because the distance between the panes of glass is smaller.  Although the temperature difference may only be a couple of degrees, this can be the difference between whether or not windows frost up.  This holds especially true on larger windows.

Infinity Picture Windows installed by Lindus Construction

Combat Attic Frost with Professional Insulation

During the winter months, homeowners should make a conscious effort to monitor their home’s level of humidity.  Doing so prevents window condensation and mold growth.  Healthy home humidity in the winter months is typically 30% or less.  However, when exterior temperatures reach well below freezing, home humidity levels may need to be even lower.  In periods of frigid temperatures, the stack effect is more likely to take place.  This means that the interior air in the lower levels of the home can rise to the home’s attic due to subpar insulation and ventilation.  When the warm air meets the attic’s cold surfaces, frost is formed.  It’s only a matter of time before the frost melts, ruining your home’s insulation and creating ceiling stains.  In the winter, the attic’s interior temperature should be like the temperature of the outdoors.

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"Jake did a great job of understanding my needs for a piano window that needed replacement. His team followed his plan."

Bonnie B.
Minneapolis, MN
April 17, 2024

"Everything went fine and was done in a timely manner." 

Art F.
Hudson, WI
April 4, 2024

"The new window that was installed in the lower family room is beautiful.  Everything your team did with respect to the install of both windows and patio door has been exemplary.  I could not be happier with the results.  Your team members were respectful, professional, and fun to visit with.  The city inspector has already come and gone and signed off on both permits.  He found everything to be top-notch."

Carolyn K.
Maplewood, MN
March 28, 2024

"Had to have an old garden window replaced. The crew showed up at the time they said they would be there time. Did an excellent job and thoroughly cleaned up the space both inside and outside. Would highly recommend this company and would use them for future projects when the time comes."

Jan G.
Minneapolis, MN
March 23, 2024

"Great job with the insulation project. Thanks to all involved from start to finish."

Duane M.
River Falls, WI
February 7, 2024

"I was very happy with the free insulation estimate I received from the Lindus rep. He took the time to walk me and my father-in-law through a thermal scan of all the leaky spots in my attic - and basement, bonus! - and was honest and forthright about the work they do and the best and most economical options available to us to improve ambient temperature control in these areas."

Rima F.
Lake Elmo, MN
January 9, 2024
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