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Why Soffit & Fascia Are So Important

When you get the idea to upgrade your home’s exterior, you may first think of having new siding, roofing, doors, or windows installed. Although these are all remarkably important parts of your home, don’t overlook the many benefits that new soffit and fascia can provide.

Soffit and fascia serve crucial, yet often overlooked, purposes. For example, soffit keeps insects and debris from entering your home’s attic, while also allowing for ventilation so that your attic can “breathe.” In addition to giving your home a finished look, fascia provides a sturdy place to anchor your home’s gutter system so that it will stay firmly attached to your home through all the harsh weather we experience in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and western Wisconsin.

Our Soffit & Fascia Installation Service

Having your soffit and fascia replaced by Lindus Construction means receiving a top-rated product and expert installation. Backed by more than 40 years of experience, we know how to identify the solutions that provide local homeowners with the greatest long-term value, and we understand what installation techniques allow our carefully selected products to perform as intended.

Consider our soffit, for example. It features a unique I-beam construction that gives the product optimal strength. Its extra-thick paint dependably resists cracking, peeling, chipping, and delaminating. Furthermore, the soffit’s patented design neatly conceals its vent holes, and a diverse palette of color options ensures that we can match your home’s design.

Want to explore the possibility of replacing your home’s soffit and fascia? Contact Lindus Construction today to learn more about the installation services we offer in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and western Wisconsin

Picture of soffit and fascia installed on a home.

Soffit & Fascia Projects:

"The work was done in an orderly fashion and the crew did a great job. I will definitely recommend Lindus Construction to anybody that I know who wants some work done."

Bob M.
Hugo, MN
September 26, 2023

"They replaced our roof following hail damage last summer. Did a wonderful job! Replaced sheathing in an area around the fireplace chimney where we have had a leak for many years and nobody else has been able to find it. Also replaced our soffits with a continuous vent design which hopefully will lessen our ice dam problems in the future. Excellent workmanship all around!"

Dianne B
Stillwater, MN
July 14, 2023

"Great quality in a timely manner."

Michael D.
Hudson, WI
July 14, 2023

I had major facia, soffit and gutter collapse due to severe ice dam problems this past winter on one side of my house.  Brandon got a crew out next day to shore-up the hole and to move forward with a repair. They ended up repairing the hole and improving overall ventilation by adding TruVent hidden vent soffits and LeafGuard® Gutters to the entire house! I The job was perfectly done by installers Brett and Josh.  Finally, I have peace of mind that everything is working again (way better than before) and don't mind when it pours anymore."

Mary B.
Burnsville, MN
May 17, 2023

"In the past 2 years, Lindus has built me a beautiful new deck, replaced my aging fascia and exterior doors, and remodeled my main bathroom. I went with this company initially because they seemed so professional and knowledgeable, and I was not disappointed.  I love what they've done for my house, and if I need any remodeling or building work done in the future, I'm definitely going with Lindus!!"

Romy O.
St. Paul, MN
February 18, 2023

"Lindus Construction plowed through installing new windows, siding, gutters, soffits and facia, working outside in January during freezing temps. They went the extra mile in so many ways. Professional, reliable and timely.  They had the best variety of colors/materials over other companies we looked into. We're happy, glad we chose them, worth every penny."

Diana A.
New Richmond, WI
December 22, 2022

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