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Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Windows

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The Marvin brand has a serious commitment to environmentalism and sustainability  in the communities they serve.

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The Marvin Family of Brands, headquartered in Warroad, MN,  has become one of the world’s leading brands by adhering to the highest possible standards. They have proven that they stand behind their brands every step of the way and can provide a solution for any project. The Marvin brand is Built around you®. Their exclusive innovations and high-performing energy efficiency offerings make this brand an industry leading force with their design and function.


The Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Window line was created in 2002 when the company recognized a need for high-quality fiberglass windows and doors. Lindus Construction is an exclusive dealer for the Infinity® Replacement Windows brand which can provide our customers with the traditional look of wood windows, but they are made out of Ultrex® fiberglass. Their design experience and superior materials made our decision easy when we chose to align ourselves with this Minnesota company.



Infinity® replacement windows and doors are made from a superior material technology called  Ultrex® fiberglass.



Ultrex® is comprised of strong cables of glass that are saturated with compound resins that are pulled through a heated die and cut with diamond-edge blades. Ultrex® is formed and cured all the way through the manufacturing cutting stage. This patented process creates an unmatched durability that will outlast and outperform other fiberglass windows.


Ultrex® is eight times stronger than vinyl, making it as strong as low carbon steel. The product is so durable that it requires diamond-edged blades to penetrate the material when cutting it to size. Ultrex® possesses superior stability, unbeatable performance and is low-maintenance.



  • Low maintenance
  • Replicates the look of traditional wood windows
  • Easy operation for the life of the window
  • Unmatched strength keeps windows square and true
  • Narrow profiles for more visibility and expanded views
  • Long-term stability helps eliminate seal failures and air leakage through the window
  • 8x stronger than vinyl
  • 38% longer useful life expectancy than vinyl


The Infinity® from Marvin® Replacement Windows line offers a variety of flexible and customizable window and door options that help balance the product investment with long-term performance and energy cost savings.



Infinity® from Marvin® Replacement Windows offer a range of glazing options to meet the performance challenges of any climate. Insulating gases are pumped in spaces between the glass to slow the transfer of heat. All of these windows come standard with Low E2 and argon gas, but since all Marvin® products are made-to-order, you are able to add krypton gas to this blend which will increase the insulating capabilities of the window. Their glass and glazing techniques will suit any energy efficiency needs your home desires.



Tripane glazing, available with argon or krypton insulating gas, provides excellent energy performance.  Tripane features two coated panes of glass with a third pane between them. Marvin® offers Tripane in a variety of Low E glass options.  Many Tripane glazed units have U-Factors less than 0.25, and fixed or combination units can be lower than 0.20 without sacrificing visible light transmission. Available in products where glazing thickness can be wider than ¾”.




The answer to your traditional favorite window is the Infinity® Double Hung window which is made of Ultrex Fiberglass. The effortless operation, advanced design and quality hardware makes this window style a front runner.



double hung window


If you are in search of a window that is easy to operate then this is your best option. This window can be left or right hinged that allows effortless operation. The Easy Wash® hinges allow you the ability to clean the window both inside and out. These windows are also made out of Ultrex® fiberglass providing a clean and finished look.



These windows provide a perfect way to increase the ventilation in your home boasting dual locking points, scissor arm operations and a folding handle.



If you want to bring a streamlined look to your home a glider is the perfect addition of quality craftsmanship and contemporary styling. With an ergonomic handle, two-point concealed lock and sleek hardware this window is a great space saving design when a swinging window won’t work.



Bay windows provide expanded views, but provide a low-maintenance interior. Bay windows will add a dramatic combination of allowing nature in while adding interest to any room.




Create a four, five or six panel assembly with Infinity® bow windows. Bow windows are a great way to open up a room and expand your views.



If your goal is to accentuate the unique architecture of your home its design than Infinity® Polygon and Picture Windows will make a dramatic improvement to your living space. Geometric combinations are available in a variety of custom shapes and sizes to add that extra special touch to your home.



If you are in the market for a classic style with a clean state-of-the-art design then round top windows would be a great addition to your home. These windows are versatile, durable and very easy for you to use.

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