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Who Said All Windows Are The Same?

That is simply not true. With SeasonGuard windows from Lindus Construction, you can explore a variety of window styles, colors, and options that will come together to make your home shine. Every window is designed to allow the maximum amount of light in and to fit any opening. Best of all, the designer options of SeasonGuard windows coordinate with Madera interior trim finishes and Sunrise’s entry door products.


Constructed with aesthetics in mind, our narrow-line SeasonGuard Double Hung window design provides on average 27% more visible glass area than other competitive brands. SeasonGuard windows are designed with the beauty of American architecture in mind. Our contoured interior profile and double-coved, smooth-formed exterior design will provide your home with the attractive lines and curb appeal you desire. Don’t settle for bulky, boxy frames that offer less viewing area with your replacement window purchase.  With SeasonGuard Windows, we offer more for you to see.


Most window manufacturers utilize the same type of insulated glass in all the windows they produce, regardless of whether the windows are installed in the cold north or the hot south. SeasonGuard windows feature Latitude Glass, a series of high-performance insulated glass systems, each of which is engineered to provide you the maximum thermal efficiency and comfort in the particular area of the country where you live.


No matter which style you choose, you can rest assured that your new SeasonGuard windows have been built with quality in mind. From the materials to the techniques, each window is handcrafted to provide superb design, ease of maintenance, and exceptional durability. And, every SeasonGuard window comes standard with a Lifetime, Non-Prorated, Transferable Warranty.

Interior Colors & Finishes

Choose a color or woodgrain finish of SeasonGuard windows that will best compliment your homes existing trim or consider a whole room upgrade.

Interior Finishes

Choose the SeasonGuard window interior color or woodgrain finish that will best compliment your home’s existing trim and hardware.

interior colors seasonguard
seasonguard hardware

Interior Hardware

For single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, and specialty SeasonGuard windows.

Premium Trim

Before you consider your SeasonGuard window replacement project complete, take a good look at the interior trim or drywall around them. Chances are, you’ll see signs of wear like scratches, stains, color fading or water damage. With Madera™ Premium Interior Trim, you can completely transform your new SeasonGuard windows to a beautifully finished look. Plus, replacing your old trim insures that the entire opening is properly insulated.

seasonguard premium trim
seasonguard casing profiles

Casing Profiles

There are a variety of ways to design your trim to complement your new SeasonGuard windows. Madera™ Premium Interior Trim can be ordered in one of our standard stain colors, Painter’s White, or it can be manufactured in a primed or unfinished surface to allow custom finishing to match your decor.

Exterior Colors & Brickmould

SeasonGuard windows offer superior color surface durability and scratch resistance — practically eliminating the need for touch-ups.

Exterior Colors

SeasonGuard offers four exterior window color options that can improve the curb appeal of any home, whether it is finished in siding, shingles, stucco or brick.

interior colors seasonguard
seasonguard brickmould

Brickmould Profiles

Multiple brickmould profiles allow for virtually all traditional brickmould applications with no exposed fasteners, providing a crisp curb appeal to the appearance of your home. SeasonGuard offers brickmould applications from 1″ to 2 1⁄4″; available in a sloped “picture-frame” configuration for water drainage and maintenance freedom. For a traditional style, our 2″ milled brickmould profile is available in a sill nose configuration.

Glass Ratings & Performance

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and ENERGY STAR programs have established standards and requirements that help homeowners select the best windows and doors for their homes. Products are independently tested, certified and labeled with standardized codes so you can be confident they will perform as advertised.

Efficient & Secure

SeasonGuard windows are built for both superior energy efficiency and security. The mortised locks and night latches allow you to vent your window without worry. The polyurethane foam-filled window frame provides an R-value of 7.14 — equivalent to the insulation level of a wood window with a frame that is 16″ deep. When combined with your choice of low-e glass packages, Season Guard windows reach a U-factor as low as .16.

Efficiency Criteria

U-FACTOR – Measures how well the window prevents heat from entering or escaping the home. Windows with a lower U-Factor provide better insulation. U-Factor is important wherever you live, but is a primary concern for Minnesota and Wisconsin homes in colder climates.

SOLAR HEAT GAIN – Measures how much heat from the sun is blocked. Lower numbers identify windows that reflect more heat.  This is particularly important during the summer in hot Southern climates.

VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE– Measures how much light comes through the whole window. Ranging from 0 to 1, windows with higher numbers allow more light into the home.

AIR INFILTRATION – Measures how much outside air comes into the home through a closed window. The lower the air leakage number, the lower the potential for draft through the window.

CONDENSATION RESISTANCE – Measures how well the window resists the formation of condensation on the inside of the window.  The higher the number, the better the window is able to resist condensation.

Tested & Certified for Maximum Efficiency

SeasonGuard features Latitude Glass, a series of high performance insulated glass systems, each of which is engineered to provide you the maximum thermal efficiency and comfort.


A 7⁄8″ overall triple glazed insulated glass made up of two panes of Ultra U Plus glass (each of which is composed of eight layers of high performance reflective metallic shields) and one pane of clear glass. Complete with the GlassGuard™ spacer system and two chambers filled with high density krypton gas.


seasonguard glazing system

Built to Last

SeasonGuard Windows utilize the patented XLEdge™ Glazing System which features a double sealed system,
warm edge and a structurally sound stainless steel spacer system. This means that, when tested under accelerated weather conditions, SeasonGuard Insulated Glass systems outlast the competition.


Noise Reduction

SeasonGuard offers Noise Reduction Glass that not only provides superior energy performance but noise reduction as well — at a fraction of the cost of traditional sound abatement options.

sound transmission seasonguard

Decorative Glass & Meeting Rails

Every SeasonGuard window comes with a Lifetime, Non-Prorated, Transferable Warranty.

Designer Art Glass Styles

Express your style with custom grooved glass or insulated leaded glass designs. From Contemporary to Traditional, these wonderfully arranged patterns add color, value and architectural detail to your home. Create your own work of art.

Simulated Meeting Rails

Get the look you want. Choose from an assortment of grid designs to make your Simulated Meeting Rail Casement or Awning window match your home’s style.

Simulated Divided Lites

Simulated Divided Lites allows you to enjoy the advantages of thermally-efficient insulating glass windows from SeasonGuard while maintaining the timeless beauty of grids on both the interior and exterior panes of glass.

Our Projects

SeasonGuard Window Reviews:

"This is our third project with Lindus.  Excellent work and service as always!"

Steven H.
River Falls, WI
May 23, 2024

"The new window that was installed in the lower family room is beautiful.  Everything your team did with respect to the install of both windows and patio door has been exemplary.  I could not be happier with the results.  Your team members were respectful, professional, and fun to visit with.  The city inspector has already come and gone and signed off on both permits.  He found everything to be top-notch."

Carolyn K.
Maplewood, MN
March 28, 2024

"Lindus just finished up a full exterior remodel for my home. It was a great experience overall from start to finish and I appreciated the quality of workmanship of each of the teams. The materials and quality of work of the Lindus teams are what set them apart from other contractors in the Twin Cities. I would highly recommend Lindus for any of your home remodel or addition needs."

Brock T.
Richfield, MN
March 24, 2024

"We are extremely pleased with the work on the windows and the installers. The crew was very professional."

Don T.
Plymouth, MN
February 13, 2024

"Over the past 18 years and 4 separate major home improvement projects, Lindus Construction has exceeded every one of our family’s expectations on each of these projects. Whenever anyone invests in home improvement, the homeowner’s concerns ultimately center on several critical factors: the ultimate quality of the final product, ease of working with the firm, honest communication and relationships, craftsmanship of the employees, timeliness, service after the sale, and of course, a manageable investment cost. We are proud to say that the Lindus team has been an outstanding partner in improving our house’s function, appearance, and market value."

Jim G.
Chanhassen, MN
February 8, 2024

"The house looks really good. I am very happy with the windows and I am very happy with the siding. They both look great."

Loren A.
Eagan, MN
January 2, 2024

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