Bathroom Window Replacement Ideas & Considerations

May 01, 2024 Article

When contemplating new bathroom windows, there are several features that need to be taken into consideration including moisture control, privacy, and ventilation. Here’s what you need to know about making a bathroom window selection that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Bay vs. Bow Windows

Apr 23, 2024 Article

Allow us to weigh in on the features, pros, and cons of bay and bow windows so that you’re able to make an educated decision that allows you to determine which style is the best fit for your home. 

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Wet Basement? Here are Seven Likely Culprits

Mar 10, 2024 Article

Few things will wreck your day faster than a wet basement.  The first step towards addressing the situation is pinpointing the origin.  While neighborhood flooding can be an obvious reason, there are several less straightforward reasons this could be happening.

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Seven Common Contractor Scams

Jan 17, 2024 Article

From time to time, headlines tell tales of seemingly intelligent homeowners being duped out of thousands of dollars by con artist contractors. In most scenarios, these scam artists could have been shut down if the homeowner had known what to look for. Here are common contractor scams not to fall for.

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Six Strategies for Lowering Your Gas Bill This Winter

Dec 25, 2023 Article

As the temperatures lower, many homeowners resign themselves to the fact that their energy bills are going to escalate.  While this may be true, there are many actions homeowners can take to keep costs at a reasonable level.

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