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Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement quandaries addressed by calling or texting 651-461-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 3.19.22.

In the Twin Cities, the spring months are often a time of notable rainfall.  Therefore, it’s so important to have properly functioning rain gutters on your home.  Unlike most other systems, LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are a gutter and a topper all in one piece.  It’s important to note that they are seamless.  Gutters with seams often weaken over time, making them prone to leaking.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are accompanied with a warranty that stipulates that if the system ever clogs, we will come out and clean them for free.  This warranty transfers to the next owner of your home.  In addition, the system has been awarded the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are offered in a variety of colors to blend in with any type of home.

installing LeafGuard GuttersWhen having a new roof installed, it’s important to understand the roof vent your contractor recommends and why.  First and foremost, the design of the home should be taken into consideration.  Ridge venting systems are often a solid choice.  They are located on the highest point of the roof.  Having the proper intake is always vital.  There should be a 60% to 40% push to pull ratio so that there is proper airflow throughout the attic.  The goal in the winter months should be to get the attic temperature to the same temperature it is outside.  This will prevent ice dams.

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Reputable roofing companies should also be inspecting your home’s attic during their roofing estimate.  That’s because an attic with improper insulation can shorten the lifespan of a roof.  The correct levels of spray foam insulation can create a more energy efficient home.  In addition, it can cause a home’s furnace to run less, saving on utility bills.  Correct attic insulation amounts also reduce the strain on your furnace because it does not have to run as often.

spray foam insulation

Homes with vaulted ceilings can present a challenge to insulate.  Many times, the roof decking must be pulled up to inspect the home’s current insulation.  A common discovery is seeing that the insulation has settled down the roof.  The best way to correct this situation is to pull up the entire roof deck and add layers of spray foam insulation to the area.  This allows for the maximum R-value to be achieved through the installation of a hot roof.  In a hot roof, the roof cavity is packed completely full of insulation with no air movement present.

vaulted ceiling

Homeowners having a new deck installed can choose from a lot of wood and composite materials.  Composite decking is maintenance-free, making it the top choice for most homeowners.  An excellent composite decking material is Millboard®.  It is an affordable choice that imitates the appearance of wood decking.  However, what sets it apart is that it does not require painting or staining.  In addition, homeowners that have Millboard® appreciate that it does not get overly hot in the summer months.  Another appealing aspect of this material is that it is not slippery when exposed to snow or rain.

Millboard Weathered-Oak-Vintage-2

However, for those opting for wood, it’s wise to choose a material that has already been kiln dried.  This process removes moisture from the wood and ensures that deck boards do not shrink or crack prematurely.  It’s important to note that even kiln dried decks will require staining to ensure they continue to look their best.

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Lindus Construction Reviews:

"Very satisfied with the process and the work! Thanks!"

Judy B.
Belle Plaine, MN
February 28, 2022

"We highly recommend Lindus Construction. They showed up everyday and did quality work. Very professional, polite, and answered all of our questions and concerns. The work ethic we saw was superior. We’re very pleased with the insulation and venting project they just completed. They get the highest a 5+ rating from us."

Lee Ann S.
Maplewood, MN
February 4, 2022

"Very nice job. On time every day, crew very pleasant. Quality matched pricing. Would recommend."

Jim R.
Maplewood, MN
January 27, 2022

"Lindus installed LeafGuard® Gutters on our home. Worth every penny! No more clogged gutters. The team was on time and professional. I had one small issue with the length of a downspout. Someone came the next day and fixed it to my satisfaction.

Heidi L.
North St. Paul, MN
January 22, 2022

"You replaced my roofing.  Everything went well."

Dennis F.
Little Canada, MN
January 14, 2022

"Lindus removed and replaced the insulation in my attic by first sealing around all recessed lighting cans, speakers and HVAC vents using custom made insulation boxes and spray foam insulation and then blowing cellulose insulation throughout the attic. The Lindus Representative on the job, Randall Bowman, was a pleasure to work with. He explained all work to be done, was on site before 8AM each day to get the crew started and stayed on site during all critical steps in the process, for example the spray foaming operation. He was professional, courteous and was well informed on the particulars of each step in the process. The men in the crew he supervised where also courteous and respectful of the portions of my home they had to access to complete the work they were doing. After removing and replacing the insulation, the job site was cleaned up nicely both inside and out. Mr. Bowman and his team left me with a high level of confidence to use Lindus in the future for other projects around my home."

Richard K.
Dellwood, MN
January 4, 2022
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