Oct 05, 2022

A Homeowner’s Guide To Different Types Of Decks

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Considerations Before Getting A Wood Deck Installation

It is becoming rarer these days for homeowners to choose a wood deck over composite decking.  A few decades ago, redwood decking was a popular option.  That’s because this type of deck installation could last as long as 30 years if it was properly maintained.  Nowadays, redwood decking is a less sought-after option because the trees harvested to make these types of decks are less mature.  While cedar is now often used in the creation of a wooden deck, it should be thought of as material that is delicate that requires a lot of maintenance.  In many cases deck these types of decks won’t last longer than 15 years.

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What Type Of Maintenance Is Needed With A Wood Deck?

To promote the longest possible lifespan, proper wood deck maintenance should be a regular occurrence.  This includes sanding the deck every few years to remove any preexisting stain.  Doing so opens the pores within the deck boards.  This puts them in the best possible scenario to accept the application of new stain.  When it comes to deck stains, it is best to opt for a quality brand that will stand the test of time, such as Penofin® or Timber Oil.  Learn more about how deck maintenance varies with different types of materials.

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Alternatives To Traditional Wood Decking

Pressure Treated Decking

KDAT (kiln-dried pressure treated decking) is a good compromise for homeowners that don’t want the continuous maintenance of a wooden deck, but do not have the budget for composite deck installation.  KDAT decking uses wood that has had the moisture removed prior to installation.  These types of deckings are more stable and longer lasting than their wooden counterparts.  KDAT southern yellow pine decks are known for their density.  However, some homeowners prefer to not use them because the pine had knots in places where a branch once would have existed.

KDAT Decking

Millboard® Composite Decking

For those who want no-maintenance decks but still prefer the appearance of natural woodgrain, consider a composite deck installation, Millboard® is the perfect solution that’s popular among homeowners.  In addition to the custom deck design capabilities we can provide, here are just a few of the reasons why homeowners like you enjoy Millboard® composite decking.

Millboard Features

Considering a deck installation or replacement?  Check out this helpful guide: Top 7 Questions To Ask Potential Deck Contractors

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Deck Installation Reviews:

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the finished deck projects.  Thomas, Chad and Logan are true craftsmen coming from a retired construction superintendent. They always took time to answer my questions and acted on behalf of Lindus Construction so professional.  It was a pleasure to have been in their company for the week they were here."

Bob W.
Danbury, WI
October 6, 2023

"We had Lindus put in a small deck for us and fix an existing small deck on the second story of our home. They did an incredible job. The workmanship is more than I expected. We have spent our summer enjoying the deck(s). Lindus is responsive and the clean up was great.  I will definitely look at Lindus next time I need work done."

Sheila W.
St. Paul, MN
September 18, 2023

"We highly recommend Lindus for home improvement projects -- our new deck is beautiful, built with high quality materials and attention to details. The construction crew was experienced and professional."

Cheryl G.
White Bear Lake, MN
July 5, 2023

"Lindus built a deck beyond my expectations. Dave and Triston were very professional. The upper-story deck they built is amazing and much better than the deck it replaced. I am grateful for their skill and hard work."

Carolyn M.
Apple Valley, MN
July 2, 2023

"Our projects were like clockwork. From scheduling to delivery of materials and installation.....It could not have been better."

Ron D.
Glenwood City, WI
June 20, 2023

"We love our deck!!  Thank you Lindus Construction.  So appreciate you."

Sharon B.
Burnsville, MN
June 14, 2023
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