Jul 13, 2017

LeafGuard® vs. Gutter Guard

Directing rainwater away from your home is a critical step to ensuring your basement stays dry, your foundation remains intact, and your landscaping doesn’t erode.  Because rain gutters play such a critical role in the viability of a house, it’s only natural that homeowners have lots of questions about the styles available within the marketplace.  We often encounter questions about our opinion of open style gutters or gutter toppers and if the gutter installation can be a DIY project.  For homeowners with pre-existing gutters, they’re curious to understand if putting a cover on their gutters, rather than fully replacing them makes sense.  The short answer is no.  Here’s the long answer:

Installation Technique

In many instances dual piece gutter guards and covers are installed directly onto your roof with screws or nails.  Doing so may void your roof’s warranty.  What we like about installing LeafGuard® Brand Gutters is that they are installed on a home’s fascia board which leaves a roof’s warranty intact.roof


One type of gutter guard utilizes foam inserts inside the gutter.  The problem with this approach is that it does not fully prevent debris from accumulating within the gutters, causing homeowners to still have to climb up a ladder to clear the foam out periodically.  Other gutter guard systems have screens with sizeable holes to let water in and ward off debris.  However, leaves can still get stuck on top of the gutter screens and if there are enough, the screens can collapse underneath the weight.  LeafGuard® seamless gutters are accompanied by a clog-free warranty that states if, for any reason they clog, Lindus Construction will be the one climbing up a ladder to address the issue and not the homeowner.

junk pile
This is a single day’s worth of topper devices that were removed from Twin Cities homes after installing LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.


The most expensive home improvement is the one you pay for twice.  It’s astonishing how many cheap gutter cover contraptions we remove from homes because they clog, can’t handle heavy water flow, have plants growing in them, are pulling away from the home, or are discolored.  Homeowners are often pleasantly surprised when they find out during their complimentary estimate that LeafGuard® Gutters are in the same price category as several prominent gutter cover devices.  They’re accompanied with iron-clad warranties that cover the ScratchGuard® paint finish and workmanship.


Color matching a gutter hood to pre-existing gutters can prove to be a challenge.  If color matching isn’t spot-on, your home’s curb appeal can be negatively impacted.  LeafGuard® Gutters are a one-piece, seamless gutter system so there’s no worry of unsightly color variations. red house

Water Management

Before awarding LeafGuard® Brand Gutters their prestigious seal, the Good Housekeeping Institute verified that they can handle over 30 inches of water in an hour.  This is due to LeafGuard®’s oversize design and generous downspout dimensions.  Applying a cover to small-scale seamed gutter sections will fail to address water that overshoots because the gutters cannot keep up with substantial rainfall.

Here’s Why Englert LeafGuard® Receives Outstanding Reviews:

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Gutter Installation Reviews:

"They did a good job especially considering the weather!"

Linda N.
Northfield, MN
March 8, 2023

"Very impressed with the professionalism of the installers, especially given the adverse weather conditions the second day."

Marylee S.
Hastings, MN
February 24, 2023

"I contracted Lindus Construction for the installation of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters on my home. Brandon, the sales rep, did an excellent job of explaining the features and benefits of the product. Rob promptly scheduled our installation. Installers, Max & Lucas, were friendly and worked diligently in the cold weather. I experience the ultimate peace of mind knowing that installation is backed by a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Several of my family members have also used Lindus Construction and they have all had positive encounters. Great job, Lindus team!"

Cathy B.
Chippewa Falls, WI
February 22, 2023

"Great experience with them. Work was done way ahead of schedule."

Brandon O.
Inver Grove Heights, MN
February 21, 2023

"Josh and Tim did very professional job, they did excellent work and very friendly guys. Thank you."

Keith S.
Bloomington, MN
February 17, 2023

"Thank you so much for everything!! It was such a pleasure working with Logan, Rob, Bob, Micah & Trevor (installed our LeafGuard® Gutters and downspouts) and Austin & Hunter (installed the garage door siding with new stops). They were wonderful and nice and thorough and very competent."


Mick & Mary D.
St Paul, MN
January 19, 2023
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