Dec 31, 2020

Six Things to Know Before Replacing Your Home’s Windows

We’ve often said that the most expensive home improvement project is the one you pay for twice.  This is especially true when it comes to the installation of new house windows.  That’s because there’s an array of features to consider including style, manufacturer, and installation.  Because our company has installed thousands of windows in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about the flawless execution of home window replacement.  Here are the key details a homeowner should know before getting started on this type of project.

1. Choosing the Right Window Style

Just because a preexisting window was a casement window does not mean it cannot be swapped out for another style, such as a double hung.  When you’re meeting with prospective window contractors, ask for their feedback on whether or not your home could be improved by updating the window style in any given room.

 Window in a bedroom

2. Full Frame Window Replacement vs Inserts

If you’re getting window installation estimates and are questioning why one is substantially higher than the others, it’s likely that one contractor is offering full frame window installation and the other is offering insert window replacement.  Insert window replacement is the cheaper option because it does not require the use of insulation, flashing tape, or new framing.  However, insert window replacement does not allow the window contractor to inspect for water damage and make necessary repairs.  In addition, insert window replacement does not allow the homeowner to make changes to the window’s style.

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3. Proper Window Installation

Home window replacement shouldn’t be entrusted to just any contractor.  Strive to hire an expert that has favorable online reviews and can show examples of completed work.  Inexperienced window contractors can skimp on window caulking or incorrectly install window flashing, which can lead to wood rot around your windows.  This issue is not immediately detectable but can have long-term implications for your wallet and health.Worker installing a custom window

4. The Difference Between Custom vs. Stock Windows

Stock windows are mass produced in common sizes and custom windows are specifically manufactured for the rough opening they are being installed in.  When possible, it’s wise to invest in custom windows to ensure a true fit.  As homes age, foundation shifts can change the window opening size.  It’s also possible that a contractor made adjustments to the plans of your home and made accommodations to fit the home’s original windows in, making stock windows a risky choice.

Windows with grilles in a bedroom

5. Understand Window Condensation

While it can be tempting to assume that window condensation is the result of poor-quality house windows, the origin is more complicated than that.  In fact, home humidity can be the true culprit.  In the winter months, the home’s humidity levels should be lowered to ensure that window condensation does not take place.  Condensation can lead to mold, mildew, and ill health effects.  A reputable window contractor can verify why window condensation is occurring.

Windows with condensation on the glass

6. Replacing Windows & Siding at the Same Time

When possible, it’s wise to replace your home’s windows and siding at the same time.  This allows for optimum results and can save the homeowner money since caulking and sealing the window openings, trim, and siding joints only need to occur once, reducing the cost of labor.

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"Everything was done in a very satisfactory manner."

Lowell G.
Lake Elmo, MN
July 5, 2023

"Professional and courteous installment."

Daniel B.
Fridley, MN
March 20, 2023

"It went well.  I love the big window.  The men were great."

Lorrie O.
Anoka, MN
February 20, 2023

"Very professional, super quality work, everyone was very pleasant, would highly recommend, will continue to use Lindus for all future projects."

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Chaska, MN
February 18, 2023

"Josh was here today and said the installers did a great job.  Looking forward to seeing you for the door estimate."

John R.
Bloomington, MN
February 2, 2023

"Lindus took our order for a triple pane sliding glass door and two windows inside screens and crank out lower windows and marching indoor trim and completed the installation to our satisfaction.  Wonderful workmen and very quiet and warm units.  Highly recommend Lindus."

Don S.
Edina, MN
December 19, 2022
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