Jun 06, 2019

Leaky Windows? Here are Four Likely Reasons!

From a beauty standpoint, your house windows offer panoramic views.  From a practical standpoint, they protect your home from nature’s elements.  When air and water infiltrate your windows, their ability, functionality and energy efficient properties are compromised.  Here are four reasons windows can leak air or water.

Inadequate Installation

Sadly, there are a lot of areas where home window replacement can go wrong.  These include caulking, insulation, and flashing.  Windows that are not correctly leveled will compile water and lead to accumulation.  Many of these window installation mistakes are not immediately detectable. However, if botched, window leaking and dry rot can ensue.  That’s why it’s so important to work with a company whose window installers specialize in that area, rather than toggling between specialties.  This allows them to encounter numerous scenarios and understand the correct window installation approach each time.window install

Attic Condensation

Frosty attics due to subpar insulation, ventilation, and air sealing can actually spell trouble for your home windows.  As temperatures warm, the frost melts.  In some instances, this can cause water to drip down the home’s walls and filter in between the window casing and extension jamb.

Window Seal Failure

Double and triple pane windows have glass packs that contain argon gas.  Should the argon gas leak out, the window’s energy efficient properties cease.  Once windows reach the end of their lifespan, window seal failure occurs.  This is why the best replacement windows are not builder grade.  The best replacement windows in Minnesota are built to handle the substantial temperature swings and often are locally manufactured.  It’s a red flag if you notice ice formation in between the window glass panes, as this often signals that window seal failure has occurred.

Here are the Steps Our Window Installers Utilize to Ensure a Window Reaches its Maximum Lifespan: 

Poor Home Design

One of the functions of a home’s overhangs is to shelter torrential downpours from penetrating your home’s windows.  If overhangs are missing, lacking in size, or have an improper slope, there’s an opportunity for water to enter your home via the windows even if they are securely closed.

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"Wayne and Sam both did an amazing job on our window installation.  They were timely, professional, kind, and informative."

Jeanine H.
Crystal, MN
May 28, 2019

"From the sales presentation to the installation we were dealt with fairly. Installation a few weeks ago went smoothly; the crew picked up after themselves; the amount of light from the new windows is awesome; color match to existing trim is amazing; the house is now secure.  We are most pleased with the windows and the process. Highly recommend Lindus Construction."

Gayle H.
St. Paul, MN
May 14, 2019

"We had many large, custom sized windows replace by Lindus. They were great through the entire process. They offered a comprehensive overview of the product and project as a whole, great financing, prompt installation, and a follow up visit after completion to ensure the quality of the workmanship. The installers called at the end of each day to provide a status update and cleaned up after themselves each day so that we had very little to do when they were finished. I would absolutely recommend Lindus for your window replacement project."


Tricia E.
Woodbury, MN
April 24, 2019

"We love our new windows! Wish we would have had them installed before the polar vortex in January. The color match was great, the installation job was excellent, no mess to pick up after, great installers they did an excellent job. First class service; I can't thank them enough. Thank you....thank you."

Janet P.
Ellsworth, WI
April 22, 2019

"They were timely and did great work. They also cleaned up afterwards and used a lot of tarps to protect our floors.  One week after completed they had a supervisor come out and check all the work. They had us walk with them so if we had an questions we could ask. Also told us to call them if we noticed any issues."

Paul H.
Lakeville, MN
April 17, 2019

"We had a couple of our windows replaced with Lindus Construction. They were prompt and very quick. They sent out two crews to get the work done (it was a very cold day).  We also are doing more work with them, and we received a call from the scheduler to let us know they hadn't forgotten about us, but the work couldn't be done until the temps got warmer - good communication!"

Theresa N.
Robbinsdale, MN
March 18, 2019
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