Feb 25, 2023

Troubleshooting Ice Dams & Window Condensation

Many homeowners have problems with ice dams and window condensation in the winter. Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on a recent program.

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Many homeowners have problems with ice dams and window condensation in the winter.  These complications are particularly common in Western Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Left unaddressed, these issues can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  Here’s what you need to know about addressing these winter home improvement quandaries.

ice dam

What Is An Ice Dam & How Does It Form?

An ice dam is the accumulation of frozen water on the edge of a roofing system.  This is the result of inconsistent roofing temperatures.  Here’s how an ice dam can form on a home.

Causes Of Ice Dams

  1. Inadequate insulation & ventilation cause heat to rise, melting snow & ice on the roof.
  2. Once snow & ice melt, water begins to run down the roof.
  3. Water reaches the roofline and refreezes, causing an ice dam.
  4. Trapped water follows the path of least resistance & flows into the attic.

What Ice Dam Problems Do Homeowners Face?

Condensation can happen when heat loss from the home reaches the attic.  When this occurs, warm air meets cold surfaces causing attic frost formation. When exterior temperatures warm up, the attic frost melts. This creates an array of problems including:

Frost in Attic

How Do Home Insulation Services Get Rid Of Ice Dams?

Getting rid of ice dams often means reaching out to insulation contractor services. These professionals are well-versed in the best home insulation and ventilation practices. Many times, a combination of new insulation and home air sealing are necessary to ward off ice dams for good.   

spray foam insulation

What Are The Main Reasons Window Condensation Happens?

1. Too High Of Home Winter Humidity Levels

Window condensation can be the result of too high of interior home humidity levels.  When this happens, the home’s warm air meets the cold surface of the window.  Use this guide to ensure your home’s winter humidity levels are correct.

Ideal indoor humidity levels by outdoor temperature2. Window Replacement Is Needed

If your closed windows have ice formation on the inside, replacement may be necessary. That’s because the frost formation may mean the glass pack is no longer working the right way.

window condensation

What Problems Are Caused By Window Condensation?

The formation of condensation on windows can lead to an array of problems including:

How To Fix Window Condensation

A humidistat can help you determine if your home’s humidity levels are too high for the winter months. If interior home humidity levels are too high, here are several ways to lower them.

If your home humidity levels are correct, contact a window installation service.  They can provide a window replacement estimate if they find your house windows are bad.

window installation by Lindus Construction

The Final Word On Ice Dams & Window Condensation

 To fix ice dam formation and window condensation, the root cause must be addressed.  Working with a seasoned contractor can help you learn the full extent of the issue.  From there, they can create a custom plan that is unique to your home.

If you need help with ice dams or window condensation, turn to Lindus Construction. We’ve been in business since 1979 and have over 100,000 happy customers. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a complimentary estimate.

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"Jake was very helpful and responsive in getting through this catastrophic event when a huge chunk of ice crashed through our family room ceiling. He was helpful in discussions with insurance company, especially as when they sent out an evaluator he spent less then 20 minutes on the job, then disappeared."

Gary I.
Stillwater, MN
September 10, 2023

"I thought it went very well!  No issues."

Brian B.
Ramsey, MN
August 24, 2023

"Fourth project with Lindus. Brandon Larson analyzed issues that occurred last winter.  He came up with a plan to prevent them from happening again."

Jane S.
Solon Springs, WI
August 7, 2023

"We hired Lindus to replace block windows at ground level. The workers were meticulous in doing the job right.  Very professionally done. We were very impressed with the customer service."

Elise B.
Prescott, WI
June 24, 2023

"It was great. Lindus does quality work and completed the work on time.  Lindus is a very reputable company and we were very pleased with the results."

Eric I.
Cumberland, WI
June 20, 2023

"Professional and courteous installment."

Daniel B.
Fridley, MN
March 20, 2023
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