Feb 17, 2018

Must-Know Home Remodeling Industry Terms

Are you confused with the terms often used by home remodeling contractors? Hear from our COO, Andy Lindus, as he clears up the confusion on some common terminology used in the remodeling industry.

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Window Replacement Terms

When shopping for energy-efficient windows, there are several pieces of terminology that are worth understanding.

Solar Heat Gain

Solar heat gain focuses on the amount of outdoor heat that penetrates to the interior of your home. Solar heat gain is rated from 0 to 1.

Homeowners should seek windows with lower solar heat gain numbers because they will do a better job of keeping a home cooler in the summer months because they’re blocking the heat put off by the sun.

Air Infiltration

Air infiltration ratings disclose how well the window wards off outdoor air from coming indoors through the windows.  Before determining the best windows for their home, it’s imperative to understand the warranties offered by the contractor and manufacturer.

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Roofing & Insulation Terms

Hot Roof

Another construction industry term that’s often used, but not always fully understood by homeowners is “hot roof”.  In layman’s terms a hot roof is a non-vented attic space that is fully packed with insulation.  They’re frequently used in homes with vaulted ceilings.

Before installing one on your home, it’s worth noting that not all roofing manufacturers will offer full warranties to homeowners that have hot roofs installed because the shingles tend to have a shorter lifespan when an inexperienced contractor attempts this type of project.

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CFM Rating

When we mention the phrase “CFM rating” we’re often met with a blank stare by homeowners.  However, it’s something worth understanding.  CFM refers to cubic feet per minute and is used with regards to air flow.  When our team is completing a home performance test, one of the elements we measure is the frequency a furnace has to cycle on and off each day.  The proper utilization of insulation and attic air sealing ensures a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

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Have had Lindus Construction out to my house to replace some old windows with SeasonGuard windows, and twice to install insulation in my attic. All three times the Lindus Construction team has been professional, courteous, and their attention to detail is outstanding. Just hired LIndus Construction to install new gutters on the house and I have no doubt that this experience will be as good as my previous experiences. Kudos to the Lindus Construction team!!"

John L.
Brooklyn Park, MN
November 4, 2023

"I am happy with Lindus Construction did a great job on my shingles."

Martina H.
Baldwin, WI
August 28, 2023

"Your roofing crew did a great job and the cleanup afterwards was simply unbelievable as we did not find a single nail afterwards."

Glenn & Sandy O.
Hammond, WI
August 4, 2023

"I had a great experience with the shingle replacement and LeafGuard® Gutter installation."

Ellen R.
River Falls, WI
August 2, 2023

"We hired Lindus to replace block windows at ground level. The workers were meticulous in doing the job right.  Very professionally done. We were very impressed with the customer service."

Elise B.
Prescott, WI
June 24, 2023

"We had Matt Puhl come out and talk to us about some windows. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Jake and Jim were the guys that came out and installed all of our windows and did a marvelous job. They were clean, courteous and took a lot of pride in their final product and it showed, so much in fact that I bought the guys lunch! I knew that Lindus was top quality products, what I didn't know was that it was such great service."

Jeremy J.
Hudson, WI
May 18, 2023
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