Nov 25, 2020

Don’t Sign a Contract for New House Siding Without Reading This!

For many homeowners, the installation of new siding is a once in a lifetime endeavor. This costly decision is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Prior to committing to a contractor, it’s important to have the below facts solidified prior to making a commitment.

Siding Materials: There are an array of siding materials available in the marketplace including aluminum, stucco, vinyl, brick, steel, LP® SmartSide®.  However, a reputable siding contractor can make appropriate suggestions for which type(s) of siding are the best fit for the climate you live in.  They’re also able to give thorough explanations on why a certain material will jive with your home’s architecture and size.  Furthermore, reliable siding contractors can share why they have opted to partner with the manufacturers they have and why they have opted to steer clear of others.LP SmartSide

Siding Color and Texture: It goes without saying that the siding color and texture combinations within the marketplace are endless.  As a homeowner, how do you even know where to start?  Quality siding contractors can help you narrow down your selections by using 3D digital renderings that will show what various siding colors look like on your home.  This is critical because of the major impact the siding’s color and texture have on your home’s curb appeal.  With that being said, you should still be presented with physical samples of the siding material and color that you are having installed on your home, as siding can vary in appearance, in shade and sunlight.  Your siding installation contract should clearly state the exact color(s) of siding being used along with the manufacturer.

LP SmartSide

Material and Installation Warranties: Because siding is such a major investment, it’s critical that the material you select has an iron-clad warranty that will stand the test of time.  Be sure to get in writing what the manufacturer’s warranty is.  Bear in mind that a manufacturer’s warranty is voided if the installing contractor does not correctly install the material. That makes it imperative that you also have a clear understanding of the contractor’s willingness to stand behind their work.  Expert siding contractors aren’t afraid to offer lifetime workmanship guarantees because they only hire the best craftsmen who specialize in the siding material they are installing.

Lp smartside

Insurance: Shockingly enough, some siding contractors cut corners by failing to properly insure themselves.  This creates a scenario where the homeowner could become liable if an installer is injured during your project or significant damage is done to your home.  Reputable contractors have zero issues with being loud and proud about the level of insurance they carry.

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Price & Project Timelines: Most contractors require a minimum of 1/3 of the project price as a down payment.  This allows them to secure the necessary materials for your project.  Be sure to have clearly stated in writing what the payment schedule is, as in many cases, full payment is expected upon project completion.  Verify what financing options the contractor offers so that you aren’t scrambling at the end of your project to pay for it.  A siding contract should also share expected project installation timelines to keep all parties on the same page.

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Siding Installation Reviews:

"Lindus gave our house a total exterior makeover a couple years ago. We’ve been so pleased with the workmanship and aesthetics!"

Joanne F.
Maple Grove, MN
November 18, 2020

"We are extremely happy with the outcome. The salesman, crew, project managers, everyone was professional and focused on getting it done right. When we had a problem, Lindus went with it and offered a fair solution. We are grateful for their problem solving and intent to get the best product for us. The crew would not leave until they felt it was the best work - and it was a challenge on our 1914 structure. We are pleased and happy with our beautiful house. Our neighbors are still complimenting us! Thank you Lindus."

Noreen G.
Minneapolis, MN
November 16, 2020

"Excellent service and quality!"

Marie F.
Golden Valley, MN
September 25, 2020

"We had a new deck as well as some new siding installed this summer. The installation was super professional and Thomas, Chad and Joe seemed to enjoy the work and were more than happy to explain the processes of the project. Lindus wants to get it right the first time and uses best quality materials along with the extra brace, the extra screw and extra nice finishing touches. Lindus might be a little more expensive than some contractors but I believe we got what we paid for. I plan to use them in future projects."

Charles H.
Apple Valley, MN
July 10, 2020

We are very pleased with the work that Lindus Construction did on our garage. The siding was replaced with LP® SmartSide®, windows and doors also replaced. Lindus removed the roof shingles and cupola. New roof and gutters installed. All of the gentlemen working did a great job, were friendly and everything was cleaned up. They came back to inspect that all work was completed correctly and asked if we had any further questions. I highly recommend Lindus Construction. Thank you."

Emily R.
Frontenac, MN
June 22, 2020

"Our experience was GREAT! I couldn’t imagine anything different!  We are extremely happy and satisfied with every stitch of work completed here.  The customer service and workers deserve the highest of ratings! Absolutely! Thank you greatly!"

Janys K.
Bloomington, MN
May 29, 2020
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