Jan 25, 2021

A Must-Ask List of Questions to Help You Hire the Best Siding Contractor

One of the biggest stressors of starting a home siding project is ensuring that you’re hiring a contractor that’s reputable and reliable.  Thoroughly vetting these pros ensures that the contractor you select will provide exemplary craftsmanship and customer service.  While it takes initiative on your part, we strongly urge you to ask the below questions prior to signing a siding installation contract.

How Much of a Down Payment is Needed? As a rule, 1/3 of the project price is an appropriate down payment.  This allows the contractor to purchase the materials that are needed to get the project going.  If a contractor requests full payment upfront, it’s a red flag and leaves the homeowner no recourse other than the legal system if the project isn’t completed correctly, in a timely manner, or even at all.


Have You Ever Done Business Under a Different Name? The contractor’s reaction to this is often more telling than their actual words.  Few contractors will admit that they’ve closed the doors of their previous company and started a new one due to litigation or bankruptcy.

How Will This Siding Look on My Home? Quality siding contractors can show homeowners exact product samples in order to assist in the decision-making process.  In addition, digital renderings can be used so that homeowners can experiment with various color variations in order to pick a winning combination.

This 3D rendering allowed the clients to visualize how their siding would look.

Will Your Quote Be Broken Down by Line Item? Contractors that have nothing to hide offer transparent contracts that show all costs as separate line items.  This also provides homeowners documentation of color selections and materials being used.

When Will the Job Start & How Long Will It Take? Bear in mind that factors such as material availability and weather can cause these dates to shift.  However, this information gives you a baseline to create reasonable expectations.

siding install

Where Are Your Company Headquarters? If you get a vague answer, PO box, or an address that’s several states away, it’s likely you are dealing with a storm chasing contractor.  These individuals often descend on hail damaged areas and perform shoddy work if the job even gets completed.  If it does and there are workmanship issues that present themselves down the road, it’s unlikely the siding contractor will come back to make adjustments.

Do You Have a Reference List of Past Customers I Can Contact? Speaking with past customers and asking them questions can allow you to deduce whether or not the contractor performs quality work, how they handle curveballs, and whether the project was completed on time and budget.

Watch Our Twin Cities Craftsmen Install Steel Siding: 

Are You Licensed to Do Work in My State? Building codes vary by municipality.  It is critical to the success of your siding project that your contractor be licensed so that any legal issues that arise from your area zoning office are handled by the contractor.

Can You Provide Documentation of Your Insurance Policy?  Some contractors offer deeply discounted prices by not carrying liability and workers compensation insurance.  This spells real trouble for the homeowners, as they are then responsible for any property damage or physical injuries to installers.

Twin Cities Siding Installation Projects:

Seamless Siding Installation Reviews:

"When the siding started to go up, they ran into some winter weather and still kept working, which was great. Their supervisor, Brandon, was great to work with. He was always so easy to speak to and made sure all my questions and concerns were answered.  I want to thank Lindus for all their wonderful employees and the job they did. They took away my outdated home and dropped in a new and improved house."

Rachel W.
Roseville, MN
December 11, 2020

"Lindus gave our house a total exterior makeover a couple years ago. We’ve been so pleased with the workmanship and aesthetics!"

Joanne F.
Maple Grove, MN
November 18, 2020

"We are extremely happy with the outcome. The salesman, crew, project managers, everyone was professional and focused on getting it done right. When we had a problem, Lindus went with it and offered a fair solution. We are grateful for their problem solving and intent to get the best product for us. The crew would not leave until they felt it was the best work - and it was a challenge on our 1914 structure. We are pleased and happy with our beautiful house. Our neighbors are still complimenting us! Thank you Lindus."

Noreen G.
Minneapolis, MN
November 16, 2020

"Excellent service and quality!"

Marie F.
Golden Valley, MN
September 25, 2020

"We had a new deck as well as some new siding installed this summer. The installation was super professional and Thomas, Chad and Joe seemed to enjoy the work and were more than happy to explain the processes of the project. Lindus wants to get it right the first time and uses best quality materials along with the extra brace, the extra screw and extra nice finishing touches. Lindus might be a little more expensive than some contractors but I believe we got what we paid for. I plan to use them in future projects."

Charles H.
Apple Valley, MN
July 10, 2020

"Our experience was GREAT! I couldn’t imagine anything different!  We are extremely happy and satisfied with every stitch of work completed here.  The customer service and workers deserve the highest of ratings! Absolutely! Thank you greatly!"

Janys K.
Bloomington, MN
May 29, 2020
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