Tom and Kim’s Exterior Home Remodel in Brooklyn Park, MN: Roofing, Gutter, Siding, and Decking Project

Tom and Kim have been residing in their Tessman neighborhood home in Brooklyn Park for nearly a quarter of a century.  While known for its family friendliness and peaceful atmosphere, it also offers convenient access to freeways, making it an ideal place to live in the northern Twin Cities metro.  Interested in continuing to live in their home for the foreseeable future, the couple understood that exterior home remodeling upgrades were necessary to keep the home in tip-top shape.  Their focus was finding the perfect maintenance-free roofing, gutters, siding, and decking solutions.  Phase one of this project entailed the roofing and gutters and phase two involved the siding and phase three concluded with decking. Here are noteworthy points about each phase of Tom & Kim’s exterior home renovation.

Brooklyn Park, MN Before & After
Here’s the exterior home remodel before and after.

PHASE 1: Addressing Roof & Gutter Installation For The Exterior Home Remodel

Asphalt Roof Replacement

A major consideration for the roof was selecting a long-term material that would positively impact the property’s home curb appeal, as the roof’s size was a bit larger than average.  Roof shingle options from GAF’s Timberline® collection were utilized.  What sets them apart from ordinary shingles is their custom shadow bands, unlike any other asphalt shingles within the marketplace.  Every shadow band is created though a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a shingle with notable depth and definition.  Not to mention, homeowners are sure to find Timberline® shingle colors that match their home.  The couple experienced peace of mind when they were informed that the Timberline® shingles they chose to install lead the roofing industry in terms of fire resistance, resilience, and wind uplift defiance.LP SmartSide Brooklyn Park

Clog-Free Gutters Installation

Stately trees adorn the lot the couple’s home is nestled on.  Each autumn, without fail, copious amounts of leaves and other organic debris shed from their home.  This scenario made it imperative that the new gutters installed on the home be clog-free, particularly since maintaining the rain gutters would have required exterior access to the home’s second level.  LeafGuard® Gutters proved to be the optimum solution.  Awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal, they’re the only patented, one-piece gutter system guaranteed never to clog.  Equally as impressive is their oversize design which can handle up to 32 inches of rain in an hour.  Without a doubt, Tom & Kim’s LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are the last system they’ll ever need to install on their home.

Need New Gutters?  Consider LeafGuard®:

Learn more about the common damage caused by clogged gutters.

Phase 2: Exterior Home Siding Renovations

Replacement Siding Installation

Without question, the Twin Cities faces some of the most dramatic temperature swings in the nation.  This makes it imperative that the house siding material used be able to withstand extreme cold and heat.  LP® SmartSide® proved to be an ideal choice because the material’s patented SmartGuard® process strengthens the home siding material while also ingraining treatments that reinforce the product’s ability to withstand blunt force and the freeze-thaw cycle.  The 7” LP® SmartSide® the couple chose features Diamond Kote®, a prefinished siding.  The advantage of this is that Diamond Kote® is accompanied with a 30-Year No Fade Warranty, ensuring that Tom & Kim’s siding will elevate their curb appeal for years to come.  To add interest, the home’s shutters were replaced with beige LP® SmartSide® trim.  Matching LP® SmartSide® was also wrapped around the support posts on the front deck.LP and Porch

PHASE 3: Concluding With Home Decking Remodeling

Deck & Patio Installation

Part of the allure of Tom & Kim’s home was the fact that it had a charming front porch and also a backyard deck.  While both spaces had been excellent spots to relax and entertain, the wood on each had become weathered, making a patio and deck replacement necessary.  To provide a look unified look, Brownstone decking from the AZEK Harvest Collection was used.  Hidden fasteners provided a smooth surface and an uninterrupted look.  While the front porch did not require a railing due to its proximity to the ground, the back deck did.  The couple’s material of choice was a black aluminum railing from Fortress™.  Not only does this material provide a look of refinement, its also maintenance-free.


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Home Exterior Remodel Reviews From Brooklyn Park, MN Homeowners:

"I've Been doing business with Lindus Construction for years. They have always exceeded my expectations. Recently, I had LeafGuard® Gutters installed. Tim and his partner were awesome and as usual, the work was outstanding!! Kudos to Tim and his partner and the entire Lindus Construction team!!"

John L.
Brooklyn Park, MN
March 22, 2024

"The installation went great! The install took around 3 hours and all of the old gutters were removed and hauled away. The installers did a great job!"

James P.
Brooklyn Park, MN
January 26, 2024

"We hired Lindus Construction to do a couple of projects for us so we are repeat customers for them. I recommend them as they did a professional job for us."

Joe A.
Brooklyn Park, MN
December 18, 2023

Have had Lindus Construction out to my house to replace some old windows with SeasonGuard windows, and twice to install insulation in my attic. All three times the Lindus Construction team has been professional, courteous, and their attention to detail is outstanding. Just hired LIndus Construction to install new gutters on the house and I have no doubt that this experience will be as good as my previous experiences. Kudos to the Lindus Construction team!!"

John L.
Brooklyn Park, MN
November 4, 2023

"We had Lindus install new LP SmartSide® and SeasonGuard Windows.  A great installation by professional crews. We could not be happier. Sure glad we went with Lindus!"

Mark S.
Brooklyn Park, MN
June 20, 2023

"Lindus Construction added a landing and steps to our 2nd floor exterior deck. They completed sooner than promised and did an outstanding job. The materials used are top notch, the construction was done with very good quality, and they look beautiful while being very sturdy. Everything was to code and the post construction inspection found no problems. I'm glad I chose them!"

Mark M.
Brooklyn Park, MN
October 3, 2022
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