Apr 09, 2022

Facts About Decking & Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement quandaries addressed by calling or texting 651-461-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 4.9.22.

Benefits Of Composite Decking Material

Homeowners opting for composite deck installation have the choice between many types of decks.  A material that wins high marks with deck contractors and homeowners alike is Millboard®.  The decking has a lot of depth, notable textures, and a finish that looks like aged wood.  Deck contractors appreciate how easily it can be installed.  The material is affordable and does not get too hot in the summer months.  Even in frosty, snowy, and rainy conditions, the composite decking surface does not become slippery.  It is an ideal decking material for the dramatic temperature fluctuations that Wisconsin and Minnesota encounter.

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Millboard Driftwood

Evaluate Deck Footing Options

Another aspect of decking that homeowners should carefully consider is the footings, one of the many parts of a deck.  Diamond pier deck footings are a reliable choice that will stand the test of time.  A diamond pier is diamond shaped cement pier that has five rods that get jackhammered into the earth.  Helical piers are another excelled selection.  They can be thought of as giant drill bit placed in the earth to support a deck.  They work well for buildings and footings that are close to the water table.

diamond pier

Proper Attic Insulation & Ventilation Create An Energy Efficient Home

Many homeowners choose to install insulation to improve a home’s energy efficiency.  Home insulation is offered in a variety of types including fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam.  When compared with fiberglass insulation, cellulose will settle more.  However, when cellulose settles, a crust is created that makes it harder for air to flow through.  In addition, the fire retardant used in cellulose insulation can act as a rodent deterrent.  Just as important as the type of insulation used is an attic’s ventilation and air sealing.  In Wisconsin and Minnesota, homeowners should strive for an attic that is R-60.

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Energy Efficient Window Installation

Window replacement is one of the most energy efficient home improvements.  Picture windows rank high in energy efficiency because they cannot be opened or closed.  This reduces the risk of air or water infiltration.  Casement and sliding windows from Infinity® from Marvin also rank high in energy efficiency.  That’s because sliding windows have interlocking panels that provide a seal.  In casement windows, a single sash presses up against the frame when the window is closed.  This allows for maximum levels of energy efficiency.

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Composite Deck Installation Reviews:

"Lindus Construction added a landing and steps to our 2nd floor exterior deck. They completed sooner than promised and did an outstanding job. The materials used are top notch, the construction was done with very good quality, and they look beautiful while being very sturdy. Everything was to code and the post construction inspection found no problems. I'm glad I chose them!"

Mark M.
Brooklyn Park, MN
October 3, 2022

"My wood deck separated from the house. They removed it and replaced it with a beautiful new maintenance-free deck." 

Ron S.
Bloomington, MN
September 29, 2022

"The guys who built our deck were very courteous and responsive. There were a couple KDAT boards we didn't like because of some big cracks and we showed them and they replaced them without a problem. After the project was finished they sent out their own Lindus inspector who then showed me some other things that we had not noticed and was sending them back out to take care of. We were really impressed with this.  The initial consultation was very informative about a lot of different products out there today. What they are made of, how they are made, how they hold up, and what is best for your personal budget."

Brandon K..
Hammond, WI
July 21, 2022

"Lindus did a fantastic job on our deck."

Colleen O.
Roberts, WI
July 9, 2022

"We had Lindus do our roof in Plymouth in 2020 and a deck replacement on our home in 2021 to 2022 over winter. Everything was done on time, correctly and for a reasonable price, (not inexpensive but material chosen a large factor in that.) The old adage you get what you pay for applies to construction work and Lindus provided good value."

Mark M.
Plymouth, MN
July 7, 2022

"I recently needed my 22 year old wooden deck replaced and contacted Lindus Construction. Dave, the sales rep, was very responsive and answered my questions. He even looked at the other estimates I received and went over them line by line to explain the differences and signed with Lindus. Chad and Logan did the tear down and rebuild of my deck and they were great! Very efficient, cleaned up the area and constructed the deck in a couple of days. I love it! It looks beautiful and is very well constructed. Then a couple of weeks later, Josh from Lindus called to ask to inspect the deck. I couldn't believe it. Lindus has their own inspectors! I've never seen that before. If you need a new deck, I'd highly recommend contacting Lindus Construction. They aren't the cheapest...but they are the best quality!"

Ginnee B.
Prior Lake, MN
July 5, 2022
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