Jun 13, 2016

Window Myths Debunked

Since our company’s inception in 1979, we’ve had the privilege of working with more than 75,000 happy homeowners with expertise in countless fields.  Whether it’s the key to growing award winning geraniums or the secret behind succulent ribs, it’s safe to say that each homeowner we meet with has taught us a thing or two about what they’re passionate about.   Along the way, we’ve also done our best to educate homeowners about the components of a maintenance-free home and address widely circulated misnomers that have become popular public knowledge.  Below is a list of the top window myths we’ve come across.

My windows aren’t old enough to need replacement.A window’s lifespan can be shortened if the materials are sub.  If the installation was performed by an individual that lacked experience, the windows also may not last as long as the manufacturer promised it would.

Don’t Believe Us?  Check Out this Real-Life Example: 

Builder grade windows are better.It’s understandable why one would hear the term “builder grade” and conclude that it is synonymous with quality.  However, in actuality, builder grade materials are most often mass-produced and mediocre.  Builder grade windows typically meet the bare minimum requirements and may not even be multi-chambered, which can allow drafts to filter into your home.

Stock windows will fit a stock sized opening.”  Whether or not this statement is correct must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  This is because they are serious inconsistencies in the ways that walls are built.  Some contractors follow house plans religiously, while others treat them as a guideline.  They will sometimes make modifications during the new construction process to get the windows to fit correctly.  Additionally, as a house advances in age, the foundation can experience a slight shifting.  This can cause a window’s opening to change so that a stock window size no longer works.

The process of replacing windows is something I could figure out watching videos online.Learn how to bake the perfect quiche online?  Absolutely!  Install your own windows?  Not so much.  That’s because if the windows are not installed perfectly air and water can infiltrate your home which was likely a reason you were looking to replace the windows in the first place.

See the Steps Our Team Takes to Ensure Maximum Window Lifespan:

You have to replace a window with the same style you removed.Contrary to popular belief, you actually choices when it to comes to the style of windows you are replacing.  For example, swapping out a casement window with a double hung window is an easy task for a professional window installer.  Knowing this allows you to tailor your home to your personal taste.

New windows cannot be installed in the winter. It’s easy to comprehend why winter window replacement can seem like a terrible idea.  However, knowledgeable window contractors know that they can minimize your discomfort by installing each window one at a time.  They do this so that your home’s exposure to the elements is minimal.  They understand that closing the door in the room they are working on is beneficial in keeping your home from becoming too cold and drafty.

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Window Replacement Reviews

"The experience from quote to installation was fabulous, and as soon as we get these windows paid off, we'll have Lindus back for the rest."

Jane S.
Mound, MN
October 12, 2019

"It was great!  Jacob and James as a team were absolutely wonderful. We will request them for our next window installation. Very professional and friendly. Love the windows."

Mike B.
Chaska, MN
August 29, 2018

"This last horrible Minnesota winter was too much for our windows and gutters. We had Lindus install two beautiful SeasonGuard bay windows and new LeafGuard® gutters. In fact, we love our new windows so much that we have just ordered more windows! Everything from the salesman to the cleanup was done so professionally and everyone was so helpful and friendly. Thank you."

Karalee H.
Robbinsdale, MN
August 26, 2019

"Jim and Jake just did my windows and doors! They were like a well oiled machine! Looking forward to the remainder of my project!"

Dianne B.
Hudson, WI
August 2, 2019

"They were very prepared and the project was done a lot faster than I expected. Every employee I dealt with was courteous and professional. Very nice people and very high quality work and materials! It wasn't cheap, but I would use them again because that window is going to last forever."

Benjamin K.
Minneapolis, MN
July 22, 2019

"We had a couple of our windows replaced with Lindus Construction. They were prompt and very quick. They sent out two crews to get the work done (it was a very cold day).  We also are doing more work with them, and we received a call from the scheduler to let us know they hadn't forgotten about us, but the work couldn't be done until the temps got warmer - good communication!"

Theresa N.
Robbinsdale, MN
March 18, 2019
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