Feb 10, 2023

Should I Build My Own Deck Or Hire A Professional Builder?

DIY decks can seem like a great way to save on materials and labor costs.  Unfortunately, many homeowners start this project and ultimately wave the white flag.  When this happens, it can be difficult to find a deck builder that’s willing to get the project back on track.  When planning your next decking project, it’s wise to hire a contractor right off the bat.  Here’s why!

installing TimberTech AZEK

Does A DIY Deck Save You Money?

In theory, a DIY new deck construction can save you money because you aren’t paying a deck builder for their labor.  Despite this, the real deal with DIY decking is that it can often cost homeowners more in the long run.

There are many tools needed to build a deck.  They include:

  • Tape measure
  • Circular saw
  • Hand saw
  • Chalk line
  • Power Drill
  • Level

If you build your own deck, you must rent, borrow, or buy these tools.  This can increase the cost of the DIY decking project.

steel deck framing & helical piers

Deck Building Codes & Compliance Issues

When building a deck, costs can also rise if it is not compliant with local building codes, which can mean that portions of the DIY decking must be redone. Many deck installers will refuse to work on these projects because they did not supply the materials or pull the permits.  Deck installers may also have lead times that range from weeks to months in peak season, meaning that your botched decking project may sit unattended for some time.


Procurement Of Deck Building Materials

Deck installers have working relationships with major manufacturers.  This gives them access to premium materials to support different parts of the deck structure that homeowners might not be able to easily get on their own.  Deck contractors can also have an easier time getting materials because they buy in bulk.  They are often able to pass the savings to their clients.

Unless you have extensive hands-on experience constructing components of a deck and curating materials, it’s wise to partner with professional deck installers.  This will protect you from overextending your time and resources.

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Even If I’m Handy, I Still Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Decking?

Building a deck is a lengthy process with multiple intricate steps, especially when it comes to assembling the deck frame.  A deck’s height and steepness of the yard can complicate a build.  because a frame requires proper sloping that leads to an appropriate drainage source.  If a deck slopes towards the foundation, strain is placed on the sump pump and your basement can flood.  Stairs and railings are also an easy part of a deck build for a rookie to mess up.  Working with unfamiliar materials can be challenging for many DIYers – for example working with wood is different than working with composite decking.

Millboard Deck

What Should You Look For In A Deck Builder?

It’s important to protect yourself by vetting and asking questions before hiring a contractor to understand how they’ll best meet your needs.  Take the time to reach out to the contractor’s references and ask about their experience working with the installer.  Getting several estimates can help you make a decision on price, quality, and pace of your project.  And while everyone has a budget to work with, keep in mind that choosing the least expensive option is not always the best route to take.


 Partner With Our Deck Contractors

For over 40 years, Lindus Construction has installed decks in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Western Wisconsin.  We offer a variety of materials including:

Our deck contractors offer design services to ensure the best layout for your home.  All new deck installations come with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.  Contact us today to learn more or schedule your complimentary consultation to get an estimate.

Projects Completed By Our Deck Contractors

Reviews Of Our Deck Installations:

"Deck looks nice.  Thank you!"

Hector G.
Minneapolis, MN
November 10, 2022

"My wife listens to WCCO regularly and when we needed gutters, fascia and soffit at a home in Minneapolis our son lives in we hired them and were not disappointed. My cousin in Richfield needed similar work on her garage and scheduled them on my recommendation. They just finished a walkway and deck at our house in Savage and again did an excellent job. Their employees were true professionals and longtime employees which reflects well on the company."

Will W.
Savage, MN
October 13, 2022

"We love our new deck! Triston and Dylan worked hard and did a nice job. They were responsive to any request or thought I had about logistics too. Thanks so much!"

Patti A.
Plymouth, MN
October 13, 2022

"Lindus Construction added a landing and steps to our 2nd floor exterior deck. They completed sooner than promised and did an outstanding job. The materials used are top notch, the construction was done with very good quality, and they look beautiful while being very sturdy. Everything was to code and the post construction inspection found no problems. I'm glad I chose them!"

Mark M.
Brooklyn Park, MN
October 3, 2022

"You have gone the extra mile for us. Thank you - what a great worker Lindus has! "We have enjoyed having you here."

Jay M.
Lindstrom, MN
September 30, 2022

"Lindus was great to work with. We couldn’t be happier with our new deck."

Todd M.
Woodbury, MN
May 5, 2022
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