Feb 17, 2021

Bathroom Window Replacement Ideas & Considerations

When considering a new bathroom renovation, windows offer several features that need to be taken into consideration including moisture control, privacy, and ventilation.  Here’s what you need to know about making a bathroom window selection that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Bathroom Window Replacement Ideas & Considerations

Privacy: You may want to consider a small bathroom window since it’s one of the most intimate spaces within your home and privacy is of the utmost importance.  While window shades are an option, there are also glass configurations that can be considered.  These include glass blocks, frosted, and textured glass.  All these configurations obscure the view looking out and in, guaranteeing privacy.

Natural Light: A common complaint many homeowners have is that their home’s bathrooms rarely have enough natural light.  Many times, this is because bathrooms are in spaces of the home that do not have exterior walls.  To circumnavigate this issue, skylights and sun tunnels can be installed.  These windows are installed on a home’s roof and allow natural light to filter in, regardless of if the bathroom is situated on an exterior wall.  Picture windows are an excellent selection for homes with secluded yards.  This creates a spa-like ambiance.  Blinds and shutters can also be integrated so that the homeowner can customize the amount of natural light that enters their home.

Humidity Control: Bathing and showering increases the amount of humidity within a bathroom.  The integration of bathroom windows, along with a reliable bath fan provides an escape route for this moisture so that mold growth on walls, tiles, and windows is curtailed.  Energy efficient windows in a home’s bathroom are a must because high air humidity causes window condensation.  To prevent condensation, homeowners should seek out windows that have the warmest glass surface available.

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Best Bathroom Window Ideas & Styles

Sliding Windows: Sliding windows are horizontal and operated by moving left to right on a track.  This type of bathroom window works well because of their price point, energy efficiency, and the amount of natural light they let in.

Awning Windows: Awning windows have hinges at the top and open upwards.  This window style is a perfect fit for a home’s bathrooms because it offers top-tier airflow, ventilation, and sunlight.  They allow for the rapid escape of odors and have low air infiltration rates because of multiple seals and weather-stripping.  Awning windows have a protective outside barrier that allows them to be open on rainy days without letting water enter the home.

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Casement Windows: Casement windows are attached to the window frame with at least one hinge on the side.  Also referred to as crank out windows, they open outward and provide ample air circulation.  The design allows them to quickly circulate air throughout a bathroom.

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Home Window Replacement Reviews:

"Ryan did the trim on 2 of my windows a few weeks ago. Awesome job, Ryan! When he left, not a scrap of anything was left in the yard. Would never have known anyone had been there....well, except for the great trim job! Thanks again."

Susan N.
MInneapolis, MN
April 6, 2022

"I've used Lindus Construction many times: roof, windows and recently an egress window. I would never hire anyone else. I know I can trust their work. The best."

Kathie R.
Eden Prairie, MN
February 14, 2022

"Lindus Construction was selected to replace six windows in my home. The crew arrived on schedule and performed the installation in two days. The workers did a great job and were very careful in cleanup and avoiding the tracking of snow into my living space. The work was carried out in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to others."

Tom N.
Apple Valley, MN
February 10, 2022

"Great attention to detail. The finished product looked beautiful and they wasted no time finishing the project."

Margaret C.
Rosemount, MN
January 27, 2022

"Window replacement was completed in a professional manner. I have always been very pleased with the variety of projects Lindus has completed on my home over the past 10 years."

Bruce P.
North St. Paul, MN
January 20, 2022

"I am VERY happy with my experience with Lindus.  The crews sent were friendly & did great work. I LOVE my block windows in the basement and the doors they installed."

Kathleen C.
Shorewood, MN
January 6, 2022
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