Hans’ SeasonGuard Window Installation in Falcon Heights, MN

There are times that homeowners call us because they would like a professional opinion on whether custom window replacement is needed and there are other times when homeowners know without a doubt their windows need replacement. In Hans’ case, he fell into the latter category.  With exterior temperatures dropping, he was noticing that his living windows were drafty and prone to condensation.  He also suspected that the seals were broken, and that new exterior trim was needed.  Having listened to our weekly home improvement show on WCCO Radio, he had confidence in our team of experts and sought our advice for the best window for his 1940’s era home.  When we shared with him the details about our SeasonGuard window line, he knew he’d found the perfect match for his home.  Here’s why!

bad house windows
Here’s how the windows looked before work commenced.

Full Frame Window Replacement: Hans was pleased to learn that Lindus Construction specializes in full frame window replacement.  This installation technique allows us to inspect the window’s rough opening for dry rot once the old windows have been removed.  At that time, we can make upgrades to the window insulation and flashing.  On a home with windows as old as Hans’, this was an important step towards a long-lasting window installation.

seasonguard windows falcon heights

Energy Efficiency: Hans’ current windows hadn’t been comprised of triple pane glass which had been detrimental to his home’s energy efficiency.  He was pleased to learn that SeasonGuard windows have three panes of glass separated and filled with Low-E and high-density argon gas.  These properties allow SeasonGuard windows to prevent exterior air from penetrating the home and lowering the temperatures during the winter months, and hot exterior air from raising the home’s internal temperature in the summer months.

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Aesthetics: The condition of Hans’ preexisting windows had detracted from his home’s appearance. He was eager to find a solution that would enhance his curb appeal, while still being respectful of his historic home’s architecture.  SeasonGuard windows proved to be the optimum choice because their expanded glass area offers all-encompassing views because of the window’s slim frame.  Hans also was appreciative of the numerous woodgrain options available.

seasonguard windows falcon heights

Warranties: Hans experienced the ultimate peace of mind when he learned that SeasonGuard windows are accompanied with a variety of warranties.  Lindus Construction offers a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee that protects the homeowner in the unlikely event that the windows ever fail prematurely due to installation error.  In addition, SeasonGuard windows have a lifetime warranty on all moving parts and a glass breakage guarantee.

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Reviews from Falcon Heights, MN Homeowners:

"Five-star experience for our windows, door and gutter project!"

Allison S.
Falcon Heights, MN
August 9, 2023

"You were great.  I have recommended you to my neighbor across the street."

Jamal W.
Falcon Heights, MN
April 14, 2019

"The windows and door we had put in look great. Workers were very efficient and detailed down to the last bit of trim. Will definitely be using them again for the work we want to do in the future."

Marty M.
Falcon Heights, MN
June 27, 2017
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