Safe Winter Exterior Renovations Projects

Lindus Construction’s COO, Andy Lindus offers advice on which home improvement projects you can complete in the winter months.

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Winter Window Replacement

A common misconception about home window installation is that it cannot be completed in the winter months.  In actuality, during full frame window replacement, the rough opening is exposed to nature’s elements for a limited period of time which allows for this project to take place year-round.  Although it can be tempting to save funds by installing storm windows, they are prone to condensation.  This occurs when the warm internal air of the home meets the cold surface of the energy inefficient storm windows.  Storm windows also prove problematic because they are prone to drafts and seal failure.

dining room casement windows installed in Twin Cities home

Roof Replacement with Asphalt Shingles or Metal

While asphalt shingles can be installed in the winter months, special care must be taken in order to keep installers safe and to ensure that roofing materials are not damaged during installation, as they can easily become brittle.  With regards to price, asphalt roofing tends to be a more cost-effective option than standing seam metal roofing. A major reason for the price difference is that a metal roof takes significantly longer to install, upping labor costs. However, it’s wise for homeowners in story and a half homes that consistently experience ice dams to opt for metal roofing in tandem with spray foam insulation over asphalt shingles.

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Twin Cities Winter Gutter Installation

Gutter installation is another home improvement project that has the possibility to happen in the winter months.  Rather than temperature, the biggest determinant about whether the installation should take place is how much snow and ice is on the roof, as heavy masses of snow and ice can be released during the removal of the old gutters, proving treacherous to installers working on ladders and scaffolding.  This unsafe scenario can be circumvented by steaming portions of the roof.

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"I had a very small gutter repair & replacement job (from a tree limb that came down on it) and the 2 guys that came out and did the work definitely did a 5 star job."

John S.
Bloomington, MN
March 8, 2024

"Very efficient, kept the area neat. Completed the work in the time estimated. Work looks good. I would hire them again."

Margaret G.
MInneapolis, MN
February 22, 2024

"Very organized & efficient. Highly recommended. Quality workmanship. Costs in line with other gutter firms."

Howard B.
St. Louis Park, MN
February 10, 2024

"The work done on my house looks great. Very happy with the final product. Done on time and at the agreed amount. Lindus also worked well with my insurance."

Bob B.
White Bear Lake, MN
February 7, 2024

"Lindus did a great job with our gutter installation. Once scheduled, they came on time and did quality work. The worksite was cleaned after the work was completed."

Mark S.
Minneapolis, MN
January 13, 2024

"Crew was the best! Big thanks to Jake."

Crystal G.
New Richmond, WI
January 2, 2024
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