May 26, 2018

What Minnesota Homeowners Need to Know About Replacing Their Roof

Lindus Construction’s COO, Andy Lindus, Discusses the things you need to know before starting on your Minnesota home’s roofing project.

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Why Trust Lindus Construction as Your Roofing Company?

One of the characteristics of Lindus Construction that sets us apart from other roofing contractors is that our installers are our employees.  They specialize exclusively in the product they install, making them true experts at their craft.  Above all else, we value safety and employ a full-time Safety Manager that holds a CHST (Construction Health and Safety Technician) certification.

His primary responsibility is to educate employees about safe installation practices and be sure that all safety equipment is in good working order.  With the current heatwave, one of his top priorities has been reminding employees to stay hydrated and recognize early signs of heat stroke.

Our asphalt roofing department faces additional challenges in the heat.  This is due to the fact that the heat can cause shingles to loosen.  This increases the chance of the shingle scuffing when it is walked on.   Additional measures must be taken to ensure that the GAF roofing reaches its 50-year lifespan.

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Can You Re-Roof Over the Top of Old Shingles?

Installing a new roof is a sizable investment and most homeowners want to ensure that they’re being wise with their money.  As a cost-saving measure, some look to eliminate the cost of the tear-off of the old roof by simply roofing the new roof over the old one.

There are several reasons why this strategy can backfire.  First of all, GAF roofing is accompanied with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty on labor and materials.  In order to receive this warranty, shingles must be removed so that the roof deck can be inspected for rot.  Undetected roof leaks can delaminate plywood sheathing.

In older homes, planks were often spaced with wider exposures than desirable for asphalt shingles.  Failure to correct this issue with a new roof installation can lead to nails needing to be placed in between boards, preventing their ability to properly hold the shingle in place.  Adjusting nail placement to circumvent this issue is problematic because any modification to the manufacturer’s installation specifications can void a roof’s warranty.

Roof being installed on a Minnesota home by Lindus Construction

Metal vs. Asphalt Roofing

When getting estimates for roofing, it’s wise to understand the differences between metal and asphalt.

In terms of price, residential metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt roofs due to the fact that standing seam metal roofs take four times as long to install.  When done on the correct style of home, a metal roof enhances curb appeal.  Snow bars on a metal roof are a must in order to control winter snow deflection.

Both come with long-term warranties.  However, GAF roofing outperforms residential metal roofing because of their industry leading, 50-year, non-prorated warranty on both labor and materials.

GAF asphalt shingle roof on a home with stucco siding

Roofing Options To Increase Natural Light

Prior to installing a new roof, it’s wise to evaluate your home to determine if there are areas that could use additional natural light through the addition of skylights and sun tunnels.

They work especially well in rooms that do not have access to an exterior wall.  Popular placements include closets, halls, stairways, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.  When placed properly, sun tunnels and skylights eliminate the need for artificial light sources during daytime hours.  Our VELUX skylights and sun tunnels come with a lifetime leak warranty, offering homeowners the ultimate peace of mind.

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Minnesota Roofing Reviews:

"I have used Andy Lindus and his crew for several home improvement projects and they have always done top notch work and have never failed to please. They have proven they do quality work that they stand behind. Their latest project for me is installing Glenwood Class 4 Shingles for which I have received a discount on my homeowners insurance premiums."

Linda E.
Bloomington, MN
August 14, 2023

"We are very happy with the gutter and roofing project at our home. It took only two days for the complete roofing (with lifetime shingles) and underlayment project!  The next day the gutter crew came out and completed our 163 feet of LeafGuard® Gutters.  Everyone was friendly knew their job! They were a well-oiled machine."

David S.
Stillwater, MN
May 19, 2023

"Thorough, timely, efficient, good communicators. Excellent work, cleaned up well and took care of a few extra details without any hassle."

Carla U.
Minneapolis, MN
May 17, 2023

"We had great service. We appreciated the great team that came out.  Thank you, Lindus."

John H.
Maplewood, MN
May 15, 2023

"Your services and products are wonderful!  (And we have used Lindus three times now). The crews were gracious and hard-working."

Alan W.
St. Paul, MN
May 11, 2023

"Jordan’s response time to each communication was prompt and efficient. The actual repair job Micah & Trevor completed surpassed our hopes and resulted in a better looking project than we’d even anticipated! We will be calling Lindus Construction first if the need for a contractor comes along again. We’d highly recommend them."

Julie I.
Excelsior, MN
May 10, 2023
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