Jan 18, 2013

Should Your Next Roof Be Asphalt Or Metal?

Your roof is arguably the most important surface of your home because it is the most exposed area and comes under assault from rain, snow, wind and the sun.  That being said, many homeowners do not think about their roof until there is a leak already happening, a large blizzard coming on the radar or a recent hail storm that has moved through your neighborhood. Many homeowners would say that price and good looks are the two most important things when it comes to the materials used on their roof, but don’t discount the longevity as well. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of asphalt versus metal roofing so you are able to make an educated decision that fits your lifestyle for your next roofing project.

Asphalt Roofing

For roughly the past 100 years, asphalt shingles have been the preferred roofing material in North America.  The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association states that 4 out of 5 homes are roofed with asphalt shingles today and 12.5 billion square feet of asphalt shingles are manufactured every year.roof


  • Proven reputation over the last 100 year of residential roofing
  • Economically priced compared to other roofing materials
  • Ease of installation, repairs & low maintenance
  • Many different styles from cost-conscious to designer to choose from
  • Great warranties ranging up to 50 years
  • Manufactured to resist external fire and flammability as well as wind resistance

Learn About the Components that Comprise GAF’s 50 Year Roofing System:


  • Sometimes the colors and styles that tend to be selected can be dull and repetitive
  • Asphalt shingles do not hold up well to hail and can be vulnerable to moss, mildew & algae
  • If you do not have a well-ventilated attic your roof can suffer and your warranty could be at risk
  • Asphalt shingles are not properly recycled sometimes resulting in 8% of total builder waste per the EPA

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is dated back in use as far as 970 B.C. when copper was used. Metal roofs are made of 60%-65% recycled materials according to the Energy Commission. Unlike its asphalt counterpart, metal roofing is 100% recyclable when being removed making it the greenest roofing material on the market. Choosing to install a metal roof can save a homeowner up to 40% annually in energy costs.metal roof


  • Lightest roofing material to install on your roof
  • A roofing material that will last a lifetime
  • Highest roofing material warranty in the business
  • Amazing extreme weather performance  from leaks, wind and fire resistance
  • Environmentally friendly due to its high recycled content
  • It will not rot, crack, warp, curl, split, flake, peel, burn or break like its asphalt counterpart.
  • Insurance companies tend to give discounts due to their fire and hail resistance

Learn More About Residential Metal Roofing: 


  • Biggest drawback is the cost compared to asphalt roofing
  • Can have a harsh look in a residential area because of its history being used on agricultural buildings
  • They will expand and contract more than an asphalt roof
  • Has the possibility of rusting in certain climates with salt spray, extreme heat and heavy precipitation
  • Some builders will use low-grade metal which is thinner and less durable jeopardizing its longevity

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Minneapolis Roofing Reviews:

"The job went well and the installers were wonderful people.  I like the looks of my home including color and how everything was done.  It looks so much better and I know it’s going to be way better in the wintertime for me, so I’m looking forward to that."

Jack H.
Minneapolis, MN
August 13, 2019

"It went very well.  The metal roofing, gutters, and fascia and soffit look good from the street level. I can say at this time that everything is good and there no problems to come back to fix."

Thomas H.
Minneapolis, MN
July 1, 2019

"They were easy to work with. Cleaned up every day. We could use the online app to track when people were coming to the house and what they would be doing. No complaints at all."

Susan B.
Minneapolis, MN
May 30, 2019

"From the estimate all the way through to the finish, the experience was very professional and positive. Every individual from the delivery of products to the roofing crew and gutter technicians always had our best interests and safety in mind. They were courteous, polite and genuinely concerned about providing us with the best possible products and service."

William B.
Minneapolis, MN
June 24, 2019

"Prompt delivery service for both roof and LeafGuard® gutter installation! Excellent job."

Don N.
Minneapolis, MN
May 29, 2019

"My experience with Lindus has been exceptional. When I have experienced an issue, they have responded in a very timely manner. I would truly recommend Lindus to anyone looking for roofing and gutters.  They truly stand behind their workmanship."

Sandy K.
Minneapolis, MN
April 5, 2019
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