Jan 29, 2013

6 Actions That Void Your Roof Warranty

Every roofing manufacturer is a little different when it comes to warranties.  Some warranties are prorated while others aren’t.  Some cover labor and materials while others only cover materials.  Certain roof warranties are transferable while others only cover the current homeowner and of course, the length of the warranty varies.

What Voids A Roof Warranty?

Just like the terms mentioned above, each manufacturer has different criteria when it comes to what voids a roof warranty and what doesn’t so it’s important to understand what’s covered in your roofing warranty and what actions you can take to not void that warranty.  Below, we’ve outlined some of the more common reasons a roofing warranty claim may be rejected.

roof installation

1. Incorrect Installation

Roofing manufacturers have strict regulations regarding how their roofs are installed.  This can include materials and tools used during the roof installation like number of nails per shingle, length of nails, type of underlayment used, etc.  Because of this, it’s strongly recommended that home owners work with a roofing contractor familiar with the type of roof material they are installing.

2. Improper Ventilation & Insulation

A long lasting roof with ventilation and insulation works by pulling in outside air from intake vents that are placed on the lower part of the roof.  The air that is taken in is displaced through higher parts of the roof system.  The result of inadequate insulation and venting is moisture and heat being trapped in your attic.  Additional heat on the bottom side of shingles can cause them to wear prematurely and fade.  It’s important to have proper ventilation which regulates the intake and outtake of air in your attic and keeps your shingles at an ideal temperature.


3. Hot Roofs

A hot roof is a roof that lacks ventilation because the roof sheathing is coated with spray foam insulation.  Industry studies show that shingle temperature is only raised by a few degrees with a hot roof.  However, these few degrees can lower shingle lifespan by up to 10% and cause shingles to fade.  GAF (North America’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing) offers a “Golden Pledge” warranty which covers roofing material and labor for 50 years.  This warranty is not pro-rated.  However, those with a hot roof are not eligible for GAF’s highest level of warranty because a hot roof does not have the insulation standards that their asphalt shingles were designed for.  Before moving forward with a hot roof, check with your roofing manufacturer to make sure that doing so will not void your roofing warranty.  Be sure to check with your city to see if they have restrictions on hot roofing before proceeding with your project.

hot roof

4. Antennas & Satellite Dishes

It’s important to understand that satellite dishes and antennas can affect your roof warranty.  While the fine print varies between manufacturers, oftentimes you’ll find that a satellite dish or antennae will not completely void the roofing warranty but it may void the portion that covers leaking since drilling holes into a roof make it more susceptible to leaks.

5. Pressure Washing

Moss and algae on a roof can damage it over time because it can trap moisture against the roof’s surface.  This can cause premature wear on the roof because it can lead to increased frost damage which causes cracking to shingle granules.  To eradicate moss, some homeowners choose to pressure wash their roof.  Doing this at a high setting can void the roofing warranty because shingles are not designed to withstand the effects of close range pressure washing and the roofing granules can start to deteriorate or separate from the shingle. Should you find yourself in a situation where moss is growing on your roof, it is recommended that you use metallic zinc strips near your roof’s peak.  This method works because rain water will run off the zinc strips and kill the moss.

6. Installing The New Roof Over The Old Roof

Doing this in most cases will void or shorten the warranty on your roof.  There are a couple reasons for  this.  The first is that a second layer of shingles will expend heat more slowly which will shorten the shingles’ lifespan.  It can also cause the new shingles to fit to the old shingles, causing bulges.  This can cause the roof to wear unevenly.  Learn more about installing a new roof over the old one.

Why We’re A Fan Of The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

GAF is North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial & residential roofing.  They lead the industry with a 50 year Golden Pledge Warranty that covers both labor and materials.  To ensure that your claim isn’t rejected because of subpar installation, GAF will send a representative to come out and inspect the roof after a GAF certified contractor has installed it, to ensure that the roofing was done correctly.  Additionally, the warranty can be transferred to a future homeowner at no extra charge.

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