Craig’s Infinity® From Marvin Window Installation in Hastings, MN

One of the most alluring characteristics of Craig’s Hastings, Minnesota home is a rustic back room with several windows and a fireplace.  It’s the perfect place to unwind with a cup of coffee and a novel.  However, last fall, he resigned himself to the fact that the room’s five windows needed replacement.  Top on his list of criteria for the new windows were energy efficiency, durability, and styling. Here’s why Infinity® from Marvin windows proved to be a top-notch choice.

Here’s a before look at some of Craig’s windows.

Everwood® Engineered Finish: While wood windows are a beautiful addition to any home, they require house windows was to find a selection that blended well with the rustic wood-look of the room without the maintenance.  Proprietary to Infinity® from Marvin Windows, Everwood® Engineered Finish that imitates the beauty of natural wood but does not require frequent painting and staining.  Craig appreciated that working with Lindus Construction allowed him to customize the look of his windows.  His final selection was a natural pine finish with a clear coat.

Here’s A Close-Up Look at Everwood® Engineered Finish: 

Durability: It’s no secret that the Twin Cities experiences some of the most rampant temperature swings in the country.  This is why homeowners that opt for builder grade vinyl windows often experience buyer’s remorse. To circumnavigate this issue, the engineers at Infinity® from Marvin windows created Ultrex® fiberglass which is eight times stronger than vinyl.  This alleviates the worry of window expansion and contraction.  When this happens, warping occurs, and it can be difficult to open and shut the windows.  Another appealing aspect of Ultrex® fiberglass is that it’s resistant to fading and does not require upkeep.

Hastings Infinity Windows

Styling: One of the biggest advantages of full frame window replacement is that the homeowner has the ability to change from one window style to another.  In Craig’s case, he opted to switch out three double hung  windows for a combination of two casement windows and a picture window.  This decision provided a more unobstructed view and added variety to the room.

Hastings Infinity Windows

After the project was completed, Craig left us the following online review, “Lindus replaced what had been five windows in our back room with Infinity Windows from Marvin. The workmanship was excellent, and the windows are exactly what we wanted. Jake and Jim, the crew, were upbeat and friendly and made the installation process easy. With our enthusiastic encouragement, we all listened to good ol’ country music from their radio during the work! They sealed our back room from the rest of the house, removed our blinds and reinstalled them when they were finished. Cleanup was meticulous. The finish work and materials are much better than the original. A week later, Josh returned and examined the installation to make sure all was well. Lindus professionals are the best! Could not be more pleased! Best recommendation—we’ll be back.”

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Our Reviews From Hastings, MN Homeowners:

"The installation crew for our LeafGuard® gutters was great; installed quickly and looks good! I would highly recommend this product/installation team."

Brian & Anne D.
Hastings, MN
December 28, 2019

"Small job, but well done."

John M.
Hastings, MN
October 15, 2018

"They did an amazing job on our project. I would highly recommend them."

Valerie B.
Hastings, MN
August 7, 2018

"LeafGuard® Gutters installed by Lindus Construction are the very best there is!!!"

Anthony L.
Hastings, MN
June 20, 2017

“When the technical representative from Lindus explained the approach they would use, I knew I had the right company.  To have the Lindus expertise in blending the technical skill requirements with the various disciplines was a blessing to our family, as we knew little about what was needed.  Various neighbors asked about the project, and my answer was that without Lindus, it would have probably been longer as well as more costly."

William N.
Hastings MN
September 26, 2016
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