Dec 23, 2020

Sliding Windows vs. Double Hung Pros & Cons

One of the quickest ways to update your home’s energy efficiency, aesthetics and curb appeal is through the installation of new windows. You can keep a look out for condensation and drafts since they’re common signs windows need replacement.  The style of the window you opt for should take into consideration both your home’s architecture and your personal tastes.  Two of the more popular options within the marketplace are double hung windows and sliding windows.  Here’s how they stack up against each other.

Marvin Infinity Double Hung
Double hung windows have dual operating window sashes that move up and down.
sliding windows
Sliding windows are maneuvered by traversing a sash vertically or horizontally along the track.

Pros & Cons of Double Hung Windows

Pros Of Double Hung Windows:

If you’re considering double hung windows, they are immensely popular because they work well in an array of home styles.  They win high marks for the ample ventilation they provide, allowing the homeowner to customize the amount of ventilation needed at any given point in time.  They’re among the easiest window styles to clean because they often have tilt-out sashes, allowing both the interior and exterior of the window to be washed from inside your home.  Double hung windows are preferable for homes without central air because they open far enough to accommodate a window air conditioning unit.  For high traffic outdoor areas, double hung windows are preferable because they open up and down, not outwards, preventing accidental collisions with pedestrians.  For families with small children, double hung windows are ideal because they are trickier to unlock.

Cons of Double Hung Windows:

From a price standpoint, double hung windows are a more expensive window style because of the number of moving parts they have.  The tracks can also require lubrication in order for them to open and close easily.

marvin double hung

Pros & Cons Of Sliding Windows

Pros of Sliding Windows:

When compared with double hung windows, sliding windows tend to be more energy efficient because they have fewer moving parts that allow for air infiltration.  As a rule, sliding windows tend to be larger than double hung windows.  This proves to be advantageous because of the amount of natural light and ventilation they can provide.  From a usability standpoint, sliding windows are easier to operate than double hung windows.  Because the sash is located within the frame, sliding windows, like double hung windows, work well in frequently visited areas of the home’s exterior.  Sliding windows have fewer moving parts than double hung windows, upping the amount of stability they provide.  Learn the benefits of sliding windows.

Watch Our Craftsmen Install An Infinity® Sliding Window From Marvin Windows:

Cons of Sliding Windows:

In the realm of energy efficient windows, sliding windows aren’t a leader because of their pliable seal on the top and bottom runners that creates a passage for a small amount of air to pass through.  The tracks of sliding windows are exposed, and a careful eye should be kept on them to ensure they don’t fill up with dust and dead insects.

SeasonGuard Sliding Window

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Ron B.
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"All went well and they were a pleasure to work with.  The inspector was impressed with how nice it looked from the outside."

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November 28, 2022

"We worked with Lindus to replace our old windows in our home. They came out and looked at what we currently had and discussed our options with us. We purchased six Marvin windows and we could not be happier with the quality of the windows and the install/finishing. It's a huge impact and we are so happy we chose to work with Lindus! Matt was always very responsive whenever I emailed or called him and kept us in the loop about when we should expect our windows. We are very happy customers."

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"Great job installing new windows!"

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June 2, 2022

"Thank you for a job well done.  We are very impressed with our new windows."

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"Very professional and great work! I am having quite a few more windows put in next year."

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May 20, 2022
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