May 08, 2021

Upping Your Home’s Curb Appeal & Energy Efficiency

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement quandaries addressed by calling or texting 651-989-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 5.8.21.

In the realm of decking, a trend that’s gaining traction, is the use of steel framing.  Contactors and homeowners alike can appreciate the strength of the material and its potential to outlast the composite decking.  By its very nature, wood decking can have flaws and curves.  However, steel framing by Fortress® Building Products does not have these issues.

When it comes to deck footings, homeowners have an array of choices to select from.  Common choices include Diamond Pier, hand dug, and helical piers.  From an ease of installation and stability standpoint, most contractors prefer to use helical piers when possible.

Siding is another area of a home that plays into its aesthetic appeal.  Many homeowners tend to use an array of colors and profiles to achieve a custom look.  Made in Two Harbors, MN, LP® SmartSide® is a popular maintenance-free option that is not susceptible to woodpecker damage.  Homeowners also experience peace of mind when they have seamless steel siding installed because it is low maintenance.  In order to help homeowners visualize what various types of siding could look like on their home, many contractors offer 3D renderings.

LeafGuard & steel siding

The roofing material you select has a dramatic effect on how onlookers view your home.  Standing seam metal roofing works well on homes where ice dams are a concern.  However, many homeowners prefer asphalt shingles from GAF.  That’s because shingle lines, such as Glenwood® are accompanied with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty that covers both labor and materials.

While not a part of a home’s curb appeal, insulation is a critical component of a house’s energy efficiency.  A visual inspection of the attic can often reveal the condition and level of insulation it has.  Discoloration in the roof can be a signal that insulation is lacking.  A foam chute coming out of the soffit area shows that it is ventilating properly.  If multiple types of insulation are present and they appear to have been installed at different times, it’s possible that insulation has been a persistent problem in the home.  Many times when this happens, the attic air sealing has not been done correctly.

See How Spray Foam Insulation Is Installed:

Another home improvement that saves on utility bills is the installation of a sun tunnel.  A sun tunnel is one of the most efficient ways to bring natural light into your house.  Made up of a tunnel and dome, a sun tunnel collects the sunlight on your roof and reflects it down to a diffuser that emits the light.  They work especially well for interior spaces in a home that would not otherwise receive natural light.  Popular spots include closets and bathrooms.


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Lindus Construction Reviews:

"A Lindus rep came out to look at our roof because we had had a leak at some point last year. He went into the attic to see if he could find evidence of the roof leaking. He was able to tell us that it wasn't our roof but gave us some suggestions about where the water could be coming from (most likely condensation from exhaust pipe). I was impressed that he didn't try to sell us something that we didn't need and gave us suggestions about what we could try."

Shannon L.
Rogers, MN
March 22, 2021

"Excellent to work with, great staff to work with. Would recommend to anyone seeking home improvement."

Marlowe K.
Maple Grove, MN
March 19, 2021

"Over the past few years, I have used this company for multiple projects and have never had a problem of any kind. Quality remains long after price has been forgotten and while they are slightly more expensive, I have learned that their doing what they say they will do when they say they will do it is worth the extra cost."

Roger C.
Shoreview, MN
March 11, 2021

“Our interaction with Charlie has been excellent, and the interaction with the construction crews themselves was also very good.”

Ted R.
Circle Pines, MN
March 5, 2021
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