Jul 15, 2022

Top 3 Causes Of Roof Storm Damage & Homeowner Solutions

There is an array of weather-related events that can cause the need for storm damage roof repair including hailstorms, tornadoes, and wind driven rain.  While roof leaks may not be immediate, failure to have a roof repair or replacement completed can have dire consequences for both the interior and exterior of your home.  Here’s what you need to know!

Storm Damaged Roofs Can Occur In A Variety Of Ways

1. Hail Damage Roof

After a sizable hailstorm occurs, homeowners are often left needing to file roofing insurance claims for storm damage.  There are a few ways that a storm damage restoration company is able to identify hail damage.  This can include bruised shingles which will eventually lead to holes forming on shingles, which makes them unable to protect a home from interior damage.  Hail can also cause the granules to separate from the shingles.  With enough velocity, roof vents can become dented, and shingles can become cracked.

hail damage

2. Windstorms

Heavy windstorms can pull shingles off the roof or cause tears in those that remain.  In some instances, wind damage can cause a roof’s shingles to curl.  Curled shingles that do not correct themselves over time are cause for alarm because it is likely that will suffer further damage over time.

curling shingles

3. Tornado Roofing Catastrophes

A home that is impacted by a tornado is likely to need a roof replacement.  That is because tornadoes can rip shingles off the roof.  In addition, tornadoes often cause tree branches to fall on roofs, causing significant structural damage.

How Can Homeowners Make It Less Likely That They Will Need Storm Damage Roof Repair?

Impact-Resistant Roof Replacement

When getting roof replacement estimates, it is important to understand that shingles are offered in a variety of impact-resistance classes.  Homeowners opting for a Class 4-impact resistant roof are investing in the shingles that have been certified by Underwriters Laboratory to have the lowest probability of needing new roof installation due to hail.  Examples of Class 4 impact-resistant shingles are GAF Glenwood® and Timberline® AS II Shingles.

See A GAF Glenwood® Shingle Roof Replacement:

Best Shingles For High Winds

The average shingle that most roofing services offer is not meant to withstand the impact of high winds.  However, homeowners living in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin should seek out wind resistant shingles for their roof to reach the maximum possible lifespan.  One such example is Timberline® HDZ™ shingles by GAF asphalt roofing.  The shingles are manufactured with a larger nailing area than ordinary shingles.  This added step makes them much less likely to pull up in periods of heavy wind.  For this reason, GAF is able to offer the industry’s first roofing shingle with no maximum wind speed limitation.

Timberline HDZ and LeafGuard

Well-Known & Trusted For Roofing Services

Since 1979, Lindus Construction has served over 100,000 happy customers in Western Wisconsin in the Twin Cities with home improvements, including roof replacement.

As the most trusted roofing company in the area, you can depend on our craftsmen to install GAF asphalt roofs that are accompanied with a 50-year non-prorated warranty on labor and materials.  Streamline your roofing project and get a complimentary estimate today.

Our Roof Replacement Projects:

Storm Damage Roof Repair Reviews:

"Jake Calleja has been a huge blessing to our family. After a hailstorm swept through Hudson, he handled every bit of the communications with our insurance company and advocated for even more coverage. After all was finished, we received not only new roofing, but an area of gutters replaced and upgraded to LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. Throughout the process, he was very prompt and took his time to answer my questions until I felt comfortable. The roofing crew and gutter crew did an awesome job. They left things nice and tidy when they were done unlike a lot of other companies I have seen coming and going as a result of this storm."

Lauren C.
Hudson, WI
September 27, 2022

"We had Lindus install LeafGuard® Gutters.  Two days later, we had a hailstorm that damaged the new gutters and roof. When I called the salesman, he came out to inspect quickly. He spent a lot of time looking everything over and taking lots of photos. I had approval from my insurance company right away.  The roof was done by an excellent, hard-working crew. I was happy with their work as well as the clean-up. The gutter crew was a great crew. I highly recommend Lindus Construction if you are looking for quality, great communication, and outstanding workmanship. If I have any future needs - you know who I will be calling!!"

Ken U.
Apple Valley, MN
September 22, 2022

"To me Lindus mean quality in every job they do. Over the years I’ve had them replace skylights, replace windows, completely rebuild a window bay, install gutters, and most recently put on a new roof and hail-damaged gutters."

Jeannine C.
Apple Valley, MN
September 1, 2022

"Lindus did an excellent job on our shingle and LeafGuard® Gutter replacement after this spring’s hail storm. Lindus had previously replaced our windows, doors, siding, and insulation, so we are sold on the quality of their work.  My wife and I were home during the roofing process and it was noisy from the start. Later in the afternoon, we noticed the silence.  No more thumping!! We went outside and the area around our home was immaculate!! Not only did they do a great job on the roof, they did an excellent cleanup. The next day the crew came to remove and replace our LeafGuard® system. That installation went smoothly as well."    

George M.
Woodbury, MN
September 1, 2022

"We had our roof and gutters replaced along with the replacement of rooftop part of our skylights. Care was taken to not harm plantings. Very satisfied. Highly recommend Lindus."

Robert G.
Oakdale, MN
August 9, 2022

"They did a great job with our roof and working with our insurance company!"

Christina L.
Goodhue, MN
July 21, 2022
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