Jul 16, 2013

Top 5 Reasons for Curling Shingles

You’ve likely figured it out…curling shingles on your roof aren’t a good thing.  If this is occurring at your home, you’re probably wondering why it’s happening.  Allow us to explain likely reasons:

1. Inadequate Ventilation:

A roof ventilation system works by pulling in outside air from intake vents placed on the lower part of the roof. The air that is taken in is displaced through higher parts of the roof. The result of inadequate venting is moisture and heat being trapped in your attic. Additional heat on the bottom side of shingles can cause them to wear prematurely, fade and curl.  It’s important to have proper ventilation which regulates the intake and outtake of air in your attic, maintains an ideal temperature, and helps prevent curling shingles.  roof

2. Installing New Shingles Over Old Ones:

There are several reasons (some of them legal) why installing a second layer of shingles over a first layer could be bad for your roof.  Regardless of the statutes in your area, it is improbable that the new shingles will line up with the existing ones. This will prevent the new shingles from sealing properly and as a result, they may come off during high winds easier than they normally would.  If they do not come off in high winds, the likelihood that you will have curling roof shingles is high.  Installing new shingles over old ones will probably lead to an eventual roof replacement, so it’s best to avoid this practice altogether.

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3. Shoddy Shingle Installation:

Roofing manufacturers have strict regulations regarding how their roofs are installed. This can include things like number of nails per shingle, length of nail, etc.  Because of this, it’s strongly recommended that homeowners work with a contractor familiar with the type of roof they are installing.  Failure to adhere to these specifications can cause curled shingles and void your roof warranty.  Installing shingles in the winter when they may have been stored at improper temperatures or installing them when they are wet, can also lead to curling.moss

4.Shingles Have Reached the End of Their Lifespan:

While shingle lifespans vary by material and roofing manufacturer, all shingles are similar in the fact that once they begin to curl, it’s time to start exploring new roofing options.

5. Defective Products:

As was the case in the CertainTeed Organic Shingle class action lawsuit, there are times when shingles can curl simply because they’re carelessly manufactured.

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GAF Roofing Reviews:

"My wife and I are so thrilled about the new roof shingles you installed on our home. They are absolutely gorgeous and could not possibly look any more amazing than they are.  The LeafGuard® team also did an outstandingly professional job installing the gutter system and had a couple of recommendations on a gutter and downspout placement that really functions well AND makes the house look astounding."

Joseph R.
Minneapolis, MN
June 27, 2022

"Quality work. Great clean up. Constant updates on progress. Responsive to questions. Great experience from beginning to end."

Andy N.
Oakdale, MN
June 24, 2022

"Everything was great."

David B.
Turtle Lake, WI
June 18, 2022

"I was extremely impressed with Lindus from the very first phone call to get an estimate on a new roof for my home. All of the customer service people, Brittany and Donna, to Jake in sales, Wayne and Brock with carpentry, Hunter on gutters, Tucker as project manager and the entire crew that did the roofing. Everybody was very professional, friendly, and great communication from beginning to end. I have recommended Lindus to others! Thank you so much!"

Pam B.
Vadnais Heights, MN
June 6, 2022

"Lindus Construction replaced the roof on our garage. Lindus used quality roof underlayment and shingles. Lindus also installed LeafGuard® Gutters. The roof is a work of art! Impressive workmanship. We sleep better each night knowing the roof has been given exquisite attention."

Michele E.
Mendota Heights, MN
May 19, 2022

"The roof looks beautiful!! The framing and the tiles are great and the gable vents look great too. I also *really* appreciate the clean up your folks did. Not all roofers are as tidy and this was VERY much appreciated."

Becca N.
Minneapolis, MN
May 3, 2022
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