Jun 30, 2022

Roof Replacement Using Class 4 Impact-Resistant Shingles

Wisconsin and Minnesota homeowners are all too familiar with storm damage repair due to the effects of hail on their homes.  When it comes time for storm damage roof repair, homeowners should not only do their careful research on storm damage restoration contractors, but also on the roof installation materials they will be using.

What Are Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles?

Homeowners considering a new roof installation should understand that roofing companies are able to offer them shingles that fit into one of four impact resistance classes.  These are assigned by the Underwriters Laboratory. When it comes to impact resistance,1 is the lowest grade shingle and Class 4 is the highest shingle class grade.  To determine impact resistance rating, steel spheres of various sizes are dropped onto shingles at a rate of 90 mph.  The height that the spheres are released can vary from 12-20 feet.  In order for a shingle to be awarded a Class 4 impact resistance rating, they must not tear, crack, or split after having the steel ball dropped on them twice in the same spot.

GAF Glenwood

What Are Some Examples Of Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles That Can Be Used For Roof Replacement?

GAF Glenwood Shingles

GAF Glenwood® shingles are designed to imitate the appearance of a cedar shake roof installation.  They are able to achieve the highest possible impact rating because they are significantly thicker than ordinary shingles.  In fact, they are manufactured with three layers.  This makes them extremely resistant to hail.  At Lindus Construction, we have performed storm damage roof repair inspections on Glenwood® roofs that have received hail with a 2.75” diameter that did not result in the need for a roof replacement estimate.

north oaks mn gaf glenwood shingles

Learn More About GAF Glenwood® Shingles:

GAF Timberline® AS II Shingles

GAF Timberline® AS II Shingles are aesthetically pleasing, largely in part because of their unique shadow bands that are applied using a high-tech computer controlled “feathering” procedure.  This gives the shingles a stunning combination of depth and dimension.  In addition to their beauty, the shingles have achieved a Class 4 impact resistance rating, offering the ultimate peace of mind.

GAF Grand Sequoia® ArmorShield™:

What Should I Know About Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles In Relationship To Insurance?

The most expensive home improvement is the one you pay for twice.  Even with insurance, hail damage roof repair can be a costly endeavor.  Many insurance companies have already started or will be implementing deductible changes.  This means that roofs older than 10-15 years may only be eligible to receive actual cash value for roofing insurance claims for storm damage.  Some insurance companies are in the process of or have already implemented deductibles that are 1%-3% of a home’s value.  In addition, homeowners’ insurance rates are expected to climb by as much as 10% annually for the next few years.  For these reasons, savvy homeowners are opting to switch to Class 4 impact resistant shingles.  While this type of roof replacement estimate may come in higher than lower grades of shingles, Class 4 impact resistant shingles are designed to have a longer lifespan.  In fact, Lindus Construction offers a 50-year non-prorated warranty on the GAF Class 4 impact resistant shingles they offer.  This warranty is transferrable to the next owner of your home.  Insurance companies also often offer discounts for homeowners that have Class 4 impact resistant shingles installed.

Roof Replacement Projects:

Roof Installation Reviews:

"Quality work. Great clean up. Constant updates on progress. Responsive to questions. Great experience from beginning to end."

Andy N.
Oakdale, MN
June 24, 2022

"Everything was great."

David B.
Turtle Lake, WI
June 18, 2022

"We recently had a hailstorm come through.  Fortunately, we purchased the best asphalt roof system back in 2016. Jake took the time to inspect our exterior including walking up on our roof. When he finished, he took additional time to review his findings. Fortunately because of the high end roof and underlayment material that we purchased, our roof survived and we do not need to replace it. Jake was extremely professional and very detailed and very friendly.  With staff like him, you will continue to have long established customers like us."

Rick & Bonnie B.
Hudson, Wi
June 16, 2022

"Your really nice rep from Lindus was here this morning. Took a video of his inspection and showed me! It was GREAT!!! A little damage but not enough to warrant a claim. He even fixed a part of my siding which was popped out! Thank you!"

Jean K.
Rice Lake, WI
June 3, 2022

"The roof looks beautiful!! The framing and the tiles are great and the gable vents look great too. I also *really* appreciate the clean up your folks did. Not all roofers are as tidy and this was VERY much appreciated."

Becca N.
Minneapolis, MN
May 3, 2022

"In September 2019 had our Plymouth home re roofed with GAF Glenwoods. Major project with new deck boards, removal of insulation and spray foam. Plus new LeafGuard® Gutters.  Not cheap but done quickly and more importantly correctly.  Carl, supervisor was great. Now we have great warranty (lifetime) insurance discount, and an impressive looking roof."

Mark M.
Plymouth, MN
August 5, 2021
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