A Word About Winter Roofing, Decking & Window Projects

Because of our reputation for being leaders in the roofing industry, homeowners often ask our team to weigh in on the pros and cons of a metal roof vs shingles in a cold climate.  More often than not, our recommendation is for asphalt roofing.  Not only is it a more cost-effective option, but it is quicker to install.  Offering the utmost in quality, GAF roofing is accompanied with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty that covers labor and materials.

Why You Should Consider a GAF Roofing System: 

It’s worth nothing that metal roofing can be a better option for story and half homes because of their ability to quickly shed ice and snow, preventing ice dams when used in tandem with proper insulation.  For homeowners installing a metal roof, it’s imperative that they select a gutter system that withstands the copious amounts of snow and ice being shed from the roof in the winter.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters work better than open style systems because they are designed to discourage anything except liquid water from entering the trough.  When snow does exit the roof, LeafGuard® sheds it, leaving the gutters attached to the home they’re installed on.

metal roof

Cooler temperatures are also leading forward thinking homeowners to start planning their deck installation.  Before the ground freezes, contractors can install deck footings so that crews can work late into the season.  However, efforts must be paused when temperatures make it impossible to navigate around future expansion and contraction issues.  While there are many footing types available, a popular option is Diamond Pier®.  This unique footing is a concrete block shaped like a diamond.  In the concrete block is a series of tubes.  Four-foot metal posts are installed at various angles with the help of a special jack hammer securing the footings.   Diamond Pier® footings can be installed in a few minutes and have a clean appearance.  While they work well in moist soil, caution should be exercised before using them near waterfront, as shifting may take place during the frost/thaw cycle.

diamond pier

Drafty windows become more noticeable as temperatures begin to cool down, causing homeowners to seek out quality solutions.  Seemingly similar looking windows can come in at various price points which can at times prove confusing.  While it may not be the cheapest option, the best long-term approach is full frame window installation over insert windows.  Full frame window replacement allows for the inspection of the rough opening for dry rot and also allows for new insulation around the window to be added.  The most effective type of window insulation is expansion foam because of its ability to prevent water and air infiltration.  Another advantage to full frame window installation is that windows can be custom ordered for the space they’re being installed in, ensuring a perfect fit.

Our Home Remodeling and Construction Projects:

Home Remodeling and Construction Reviews:

"Products are great.  The people that came to our home to install the windows and gutters were very nice and knowledgeable."

Kim T.
West St. Paul, MN
August 26, 2019

"The job went well and the installers were wonderful people.  I like the looks of my home including color and how everything was done.  It looks so much better and I know it’s going to be way better in the wintertime for me, so I’m looking forward to that."

Jack H.
Minneapolis, MN
August 13, 2019

"This was the second time I have worked with Lindus. They are not cheap but very professional. The crew was fantastic and the workmanship was great. They were always courteous, answered questions and I have a beautiful deck. The 2 carpenters on my project were great people, the worked hard and clean."

Deborah F.
St. Paul, MN
July 15, 2019

"They did an excellent job in replacing windows."

Marianne L.
Bloomington, MN
July 10, 2019

"The craftsmanship was excellent, the cost of the work was as per estimate and they cleaned up when they finished."

Jim S.
Minneapolis, MN
April 29, 2019

"Excellent work, I still get compliments!!  Thank you Lindus!!"

Adella W.
St. Paul, MN
April 7, 2019
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