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Add Home Curb Appeal with Pennies on the Dollar

20 June 2013

When it comes to the exterior of your home, you never want to be “that neighbor” that has let their property go downhill. It does not have to cost you a fortune to improve your home’s exterior. It really doesn’t even take that much time to complete any of the projects below….so no excuses! Here are some great ideas to add zest to your home especially if you are considering putting it on the market. Remember first impressions are everything when it comes to the sale of your home!

Spruce up your lawnhome exterior

An easy, less-expensive, way to add that extra touch to your home’s exterior is taking proper care of you lawn. By simply applying a weed-and-feed treatment, which ensures your grass has the soil nutrients it needs will give it that green color you are envious of and also eradicates your weeds. Take a look at your lawn mower blades and make it a point to have them sharpened regularly. Check the height of your mower deck and set it at, or near, your mover’s tallest setting because cutting your grass too short puts stress on it. If you think that your lawn is at a point of no return, you should consider installing new sod.

Solar Lighting

By adding solar lighting fixtures to your pathways and tree areas you will highlight your landscaped areas. Not only will it add more dramatic effects to your home’s exterior, but it increases the nighttime appeal as well.

Shine up your sidingsiding

Use your hose sprayer, or power washer, to clean the siding of your home will make it look new in a heartbeat. Your siding takes a beating from the elements of debris and dirt. Giving your siding a good ol’ bath will bump up your curb appeal to premier status. Be careful when using a power washer that you don’t get to close to any wood on the exterior of your home because it will dent it and
also don’t get it underneath the siding.

Restore Your Driveway

If your driveway looks like a construction zone, it is time to take a look at having it restored to its natural luster. Even just patching the holes and cracks in your driveway and applying a fresh sealer will give it that breath of fresh air it needed if you don’t want to do a full replacement.

Glam up your front doorsiding

Paint your door a pretty hue that accents your home instead of blends in. You can also add appealing house numbers to your door or add and accent wreath.

Switch out your hardware

Think of your porch lights, mailbox, address numbers & door handle. These are things outside of our homes that are easily forgotten and could still be presenting style from the early 90’s. Although these elements seem small in nature to the big picture, it will add a lot to the ambiance of your home.