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Why Soffit & Fascia is an Integral Part of Your Home’s Defense System

17 July 2014

Did you know that the soffit and fascia around your home is one of the most neglected areas, but they provide one of the most important protections for the roof? Many homeowners don’t even know the purpose of these two products and assume they are  purely of aesthetic value, but this is definitely not the case.

Let’s start with the definitions of each.

Fascia – is a vital part of proper roof construction and is found underneath the roofline just behind the gutters. Think of fascia as trim around your roof which is mounted on the exposed ends of the rafters or the top of the exterior walls to create a layer between the edge of the roof and outside. The most commonly used materials for fascia are wood, plastic and aluminum.

Soffit – is derived from the French language literally meaning “something fixed underneath” which is exactly where it resides tucked away underneath the fascia board. It can be used under porches, flights of stairs and most commonly around a home’s roof. Soffit can be made out of aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, wood and steel. Soffit can be vented to allow the flow of air into your roof which is ideal. Without having adequate ventilation, condensation will form in your roof increasing rot and decay.

You may ask then what are the features and benefits of properly functioning soffit and fascia on your home. Well you are about to find out!

Soffit & Fascia Provide:

  • A first line of defense against weather stopping wind and rain from penetrating your roofing system
  • Adds a finishing touch to your home giving it a clean-line appearance
  • Protection for your rafters and eliminates the possibility of structural damage that could cause you to have to replace your entire roof
  • Lower heating bills which will help you and the environment
  • A barrier to keep out moisture that can cause rotting and decaying if it penetrates the edge of your roof

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What type of material should I use when having new soffit and fascia installed?

Many older homes have wooden fascia, but the most commonly used material used in the US today for the replacement of soffit and fascia is aluminum or vinyl.  This is in large part due to being more practical and economical. Here are a few reasons to choose aluminum or vinyl for your next project.

  • It requires very little maintenance compared to its wood counterpart
  • They are easily cleaned and keep that “brand new” looking appearance over many years with little effort
  • No treating or painting every year like wood
  • It is much more durable standing up to the elements
  • It is resistant to rot and decay and also being attacked by insects

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