Woodville, WI Historic Farmhouse Renovation

Last spring, we received the below message from a Western Wisconsin homeowner.

“We’re interested in siding our large 100 year old farmhouse, a small back deck, rain gutters on part of the house, refacing the porch and replacing windows. Andy, HELP! Send a good teacher!”

The woman who had sent the email was named Roxi and she happened to be one of Andy Lindus’ favorite high school teachers. Upon visiting her home, our team agreed that the siding was in dire need of replacement. It had started chipping off and was no longer doing a sufficient job of offering protection.
lead paint When it was discovered that the home’s preexisting siding contained lead paint, our team utilized additional measures to ensure the safety of both them and the environment. As can often be the case, damage was discovered during the siding tear-off process. Rotten wood was discovered and one of the home’s studs needed to be reinforced as a result.

In order to maintain the home’s historic charm, we suggested that the home’s exterior color remain white. We suggested a siding reveal of three inches, something that would have been customary 100 years ago. While LP® SmartSide® wouldn’t have been available to the original homeowners, we felt it was the material for protecting the home, moving forward. That’s because it offers better moisture protection and is more durable than cement board. It also has a longer lifespan than ordinary vinyl siding.siding installation

On this project, we found it really important to take a hard look at the home’s building envelope and offer solutions for increased energy efficiency. For starters, there were some walls within the home that contained minimal or no insulation. We utilized blow-in insulation in sidewalls and upgraded the attic insulation. New energy-efficient doors and SeasonGuard windows were installed to give the home a tighter seal, ultimately resulting in lower energy costs.

To ensure optimum rainwater management, LeafGuard® Brand Gutters were installed. Roxi opted for white gutters in order to blend in with the home’s new siding. The optical effect is similar to that of crown molding. What’s better yet is that they are guaranteed never to clog and if they do, it’s one of our team members with proper safety equipment and training addressing the situation. The finish on the paint is also guaranteed to never chip, crack or peel. A perk of these warranties is that that they are transferable to the next owner of your home.

Following the completion of the project, Roxi has the following to say, “These guys are AMAZING. Unbelievably conscientious. They were thoughtful and cared about the project.”

Check Out the Total Transformation Here: 

Project Gallery

siding before
When we first visited this home, it was evident the siding was in dire need of attention.
siding after
Here’s how the siding looked after project completion.

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Lindus Construction Reviews From Woodville, WI Homeowners:

"The guys that installed my beautiful windows and doors were a great bunch to work with. They were very efficient and knowledgeable. They did a good job of cleaning up after the work each day. I would certainly hire Lindus again."

Devon K.
Woodville, WI
April 8, 2022

"I just wanted to let you know that the visit with Mike went very well.  He and the other young man who was with him were very professional and experienced. They were very helpful with answering questions that my husband and I had.  They certainly represented the Lindus company very well."  

Harriet L.
Woodville, WI
March 14, 2021

"I can’t rave enough about the customer service! I expressed my curiosity of an estimate.  Dylan made the process very explainable and broke it down to me in levels of importance first and what we need to do in the future.  I am looking forward to doing my home improvement w/ a business that understands my needs and is willing to work with me.  Thanks Lindus Construction!"  

Jess H.
Woodville, WI
January 23, 2020

"Several years ago we hired Lindus Construction to install steel siding, trim, and LeafGuard® Gutters to our older home. They did an excellent job and highly recommend them. The quality has withstood the test of time, and still looks great! Thank you!!"

Marilyn H.
Woodville, WI
October 5, 2019

"Lindus Construction replaced our windows, doors, siding, and installed our gutters. Every worker from the first inquiry, to installation, to any follow up concerns throughout the years has been prompt, efficient, and professional. Our installers were always courteous to work with and every day at our property picked up and cleaned all work areas. Thank you Lindus Construction for always providing the best service!"

Jason C.
Woodville, WI
July 10, 2019

"Our 50 year warrantied roof looks amazing! The Lindus team are such knowledgeable, considerate professionals. It is such a good feeling to know I don't have to worry about my roof again in this lifetime. Thank you Lindus Construction!"

Lynn N.
Woodville, WI
July 20, 2017
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