Nov 27, 2021

Planning Your Siding & Insulation Project

Lindus Construction’s COO, Andy Lindus gives tips on planning your next siding replacement and attic insulation projects.

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Choosing the Right Siding Material for Your Twin Cities Home

For homeowners looking to have their home siding replaced, LP® SmartSide® offers the ultimate peace of mind.  That’s because it is extremely durable.  It is also backed by ironclad warranties.  Another advantage of LP® SmartSide® is that it is offered in an array of colors, reveals, and profiles.  This allows for enhanced curb appeal. Midwestern homeowners can also appreciate the LP® SmartSide® is manufactured in Two Rivers, MN and Tomahawk, WI.  To help homeowners visualize what various siding materials would look like on their home, Lindus Construction offers free 3D renderings.

Insulation should also be considered when re-siding a home.  The house wrap that’s chosen can have long-term effects on a home’s level of comfort and energy efficiency.  Insultex™ House Wrap® is rated at R-6.  In addition, the house wrap comes with a built-in drainage plane to ensure water can escape from behind the siding.

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Tips for Planning Your Home Insulation Project

As the temperatures begin to drop, many homeowners are starting to question if they have enough attic insulation.  It’s good to know that the type(s) of insulation that is used should take into consideration a home’s architecture.  A popular way to maximize a home’s energy efficiency is through a combination of cellulose and spray foam insulation.  Not only does cellulose act as a fire retardant but is known to ward off rodents.  This is not the same for fiberglass insulation which is easily used by mice and squirrels to create a tunneling system throughout an attic.

For optimum results, spray 1.5-2 inches of spray foam should be applied, with cellulose insulation blown-in over the top.  This leads to an insulation value of R-60.  It’s worth noting that although cellulose insulation does settle over time, it develops a crust on top. This leads to less air movement in cellulose insulation than fiberglass.  Attic air sealing and ventilation also need to be correctly addressed so that a home is as energy efficient as possible.  Simply adding more insulation to an attic can do more harm than good.

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Twin Cities Siding & Insulation Reviews:

"The quality of work was excellent."

Barb A.
Plymouth, MN
April 1, 2024

"We are extremely satisfied with a project Lindus just completed for us. The professionalism, quality of products, workmanship and courteous staff made working with Lindus so easy. We really appreciated TJ and his crew. The follow up to make sure the project was done to our satisfaction was great. We will pass on Lindus recommendations for sure."

Marilyn A.
Oak Park Heights, MN
March 27, 2024

"Our garage siding, window, and roofing project was done in a very timely manner. Lindus continued to contact us daily to see if we had any problems or questions. Each team they sent out was wonderful. Felipe and TJ were great supervisors. They cleaned up all the debris on the ground and left everything in perfect condition. They earned a five star plus from us."

Kathy O.
Ramsey, MN
March 23, 2024

"I was very happy with the free insulation estimate I received from the Lindus rep. He took the time to walk me and my father-in-law through a thermal scan of all the leaky spots in my attic - and basement, bonus! - and was honest and forthright about the work they do and the best and most economical options available to us to improve ambient temperature control in these areas."

Rima F.
Lake Elmo, MN
January 9, 2024

"I did two big projects in 2023 with Lindus. First was removing and replacing attic insulation plus creating proper ventilation. Second was replacing roof and adding LeafGuard®. Did everything go perfectly? No but that is where a company shows its merits. All issues were resolved! I even received a check for unused supplies. I highly recommend Lindus. They are not the cheapest. You get what you pay for."

Jill D.
St. Paul, MN
December 14, 2023

"I thought it went very well!  No issues."

Brian B.
Ramsey, MN
August 24, 2023
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