SeasonGuard Window Donation to Grace Place Homeless Shelter in New Richmond

How many of us wake up each day with a roof over our heads, a fridge full of food with a stable place of employment to go to?  In the chaos of everyday life, it can be easy to take these seemingly simple blessings for granted…until they cease to exist.  When you hear of homelessness, it’s often easy to think of major metropolitan areas and assume it can’t happen in your neighborhood…to people that are just like you.

Collaborating with Grace Place to Create a Safe, Warm Home for Struggling Individuals or Families

New Richmond, WI is home to Grace Place.  Run by the Salvation Army, Grace Place offers a temporary home for one to three months for individuals and families in Polk, St. Croix, and Pierce counties that have nowhere else to turn for shelter.  At maximum capacity, Grace Place can house 64 individuals in need.
Grace Place in New Richmond

In January of 2014, a building that had previously been a nursing home was gifted to the Salvation Army.  However, because it had been unoccupied for quite some time, over $200,000 needed to be raised in order to complete renovations for it to be inhabitable.  That summer, volunteers donated over 7,000 hours of time to transform the building and Grace Place opened its doors in October of that year.

air gap in Grace Place windows
Not only was this window single pane, but it wouldn’t open and close correctly.

Addressing the Major Window Replacement Project

One project that had been put on the back burner and desperately needed to be completed, was the replacement of the building’s single pane windows.  While affordable and able to easily let light filter through, they had some noticeable drawbacks.  Most concerning was the amount air they were allowing to permeate.  Drafts were a constant presence and even more frustrating was the fact that some of them couldn’t even be opened.

Understanding that there were several ways having amateurs installing windows could backfire, Grace Place began researching window companies and approached Lindus Construction to get more information on window replacement cost.  We met with them and evaluated the building’s windows, and felt strongly that most, if not all, would need to be replaced in order to provide an energy-efficient structure.

window installation by Lindus Construction

It went without saying that Grace Place needed windows, which needed to be long-lasting, energy efficient, and introduce as much natural light as possible to the building.  For this reason, we felt confident recommending SeasonGuard windows.  They feature Latitude Glass which provides the utmost in thermal efficiency, which will significantly lower the building’s energy costs.  SeasonGuard windows are accompanied with a lifetime workmanship guarantee and a lifetime warranty that covers the entire window, including the glass.
window installation in New Richmond by Lindus Construction

Lindus Construction Partners with Salvation Army & Grace Place to Benefit the Community

In recognition of all the work the Salvation Army and Grace Place do to make our community a great place to live and work in, Lindus Construction donated approximately $50,000 in labor and materials to make their dream of new, energy-efficient casement and sliding windows a reality.

Grace Place only exists because of support from the comm

Catch project highlights with Lindus Construction COO, Andy Lindus, and Social Services Director, Duana Bremer: 

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window replacement in Grace Place, New Richmond

window installation by Lindus Construction

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Reviews From New Richmond, WI Homeowners

"Very happy with the work as well as interactions with the staff and crew. Everything was as quoted and explained in detail. Installation crew was very professional. Cleanup after job was completed was outstanding. Highly recommend!"

Jeff N.
New Richmond, WI
April 3, 2024

"Crew was the best! Big thanks to Jake."

Crystal G.
New Richmond, WI
January 2, 2024

"Outstanding organization. Great technical skills. Great customer service. Have performed well during numerous projects for all members of my family."

Tom S.
New Richmond, WI
December 17, 2023

"The project went extremely well. What a great team that was here. They answered all my questions, went to work and did a outstanding job. Took special care and concern for the landscape, and one of the things I judge a job by, is the cleanup. Great cleanup and a short chat at the end before leaving.   An all around 10 out of 10. Looks fabulous, and very much like the look of the new design on the flashing. Thanks for the fabulous experience from start to finish."

John S.
New Richmond, WI
May 22, 2023

"Perfect.  Great job!"

Russell C.
New Richmond, WI
February 17, 2023

"Lindus Construction plowed through installing new windows, siding, gutters, soffits and facia, working outside in January during freezing temps. They went the extra mile in so many ways. Professional, reliable and timely.  They had the best variety of colors/materials over other companies we looked into. We're happy, glad we chose them, worth every penny."

Diana A.
New Richmond, WI
December 22, 2022
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