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The larger the window is, the more prone they are to failure.  Infinity® from Marvin Windows wins high marks with homeowners and contractors alike because of their desirable solar heat gain ratings in the winter.  This means that the windows can assist in raising the temperature of the room without having to up the thermostat’s settings.

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Another home improvement product that offers Midwestern homeowners the ultimate peace of mind is LP® SmartSide®.  The company has manufacturing plants in Two Harbors, MN, and Tomahawk, WI.  The product is offered in a wide variety of colors and profiles to offer a custom look.  To better visualize what various siding combinations could look like, many contractors offer 3D imaging of a customer’s exact home.  LP® SmartSide® product is easy for contractors to install.  It does not require special blades and installers do not have to wear hazmat suits when cutting it.  LP® SmartSide is also resistant to damage from pests such as woodpeckers.

LP SmartSide

Vinyl siding can be tempting from a cost-savings standpoint.  However, the durability of the material is much less than that of quality siding materials like LP® SmartSide® and steel.  When the sun hits vinyl siding on a continuous basis, waves can form, and seams become evident.  The foam backing on vinyl siding offers very little insulative properties which compromises a home’s energy efficiency.  Warranties offered on vinyl siding may cover the material itself, but not the labor costs for replacement. It is critical that proper installation practices are used when installing vinyl siding to give it the longest possible shelf life.  A common mistake is nailing vinyl siding too tight which does give it the ability to expand and contract throughout the seasons.  If it does not, the siding can bow.

vinyl siding removal

Crawlspace encapsulation is a great way to up a home’s energy efficiency.  Floors within the home become warmer and musty smells disappear.  To do this, spray foam insulation is applied to all three walls and sometimes the floor of a crawl space.  Oftentimes, a dehumidification system is utilized as well.

A hot roof is a roof that only has insulation and no ventilation.  Oftentimes this roofing configuration is used Sometimes they are a good fit for a home’s architecture.  Other times, they can be the cause of ice dams and tremendous heat loss.  The biggest factor to consider is the type and quantity of insulation used.  Dense packed cellulose or fiberglass insulation generally perform worse than spray foam insulation.  In addition, some hot roofs can lead to excessive heat in a home during the summer months.

LeafGuard stucco

An alternative to a hot roof on a story and a half home can be metal roofing, which does not allow ice dams to accumulate.  Englert metal roofing uses Kynar​® resin-based coatings.  They cut down on the metal roofing’s heat signature.  This finish has a high reflectivity and a low emissivity.  This can dramatically lower the temperature of an attic.

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