Dec 21, 2019

Attic Quandaries Our Experts Have Encountered

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions addressed by calling or texting 651-989-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 12.21.19.

Having been in business over 40 years, there are few home improvement scenarios our team of experts hasn’t experienced.  Earlier this winter, a Roseville, MN couple reached out for a free heat map analysis and attic inspection.  Although they’d had their home insulated a few years ago, they hadn’t noticed much of an improvement in their home’s overall level of comfort.  Unfortunately, we were left with the unpleasant task of informing them that the past contractor they had worked with had only insulated their attic to R-30 and not R-60 as they had thought.  The couple had been duped because the insulation contractor had only bent their measuring stick in order to give the impression that 10 extra inches of insulation existed, when in fact they did not.

When measured correctly, our expert found the attic insulation to be only R-30.

Other times, we’ve come face-to-face with live animals in the attic.  In one extreme scenario, the attic rodent issue was so severe that as soon as our pro popped his head into the attic, he was met with a strong ammonia smell and his eyes began to water.  This was deeply troubling, as the home’s indoor quality was compromised.  To eradicate the situation, we began by determining how the raccoons, mice, and bats were able to enter the attic.  Once a pest control company had evicted the rodents, we determined that the insulation had too much damage to be salvaged.  We then removed the attic’s preexisting insulation.  Any remaining animal droppings were removed, and the area was treated.  From there, attic air sealing was completed before new cellulose and fiberglass insulation was installed.

bat droppings in attic
This attic inspection turned up a sizable amount of bat droppings.

Mold is another issue on the overall health of a home’s attic.  During winters where the indoor and outdoor temperatures greatly vary, homes often experience a lot of interior air movement along the walls, which is known as the stack effect.  Without proper attic air sealing, the home’s warm air travels upward or the attic’s cold air is pulled down the walls.  This can lead to the sensation of cold air being expelled from the home’s outlets and window trim.  Warm air hitting a home’s attic creates condensation.  Over time, this condensation leads to attic mold. It’s worth nothing that another way that condensation can enter an attic is if a bath fan vents into it.

Watch a Recent Insulation & Ventilation Project From Start to Finish: 

With any insulation project, it’s important that attic air sealing be part of the process.  Attic air sealing is a critical component of any insulation project because it is the most important step towards combating ice dam formation; simply adding insulation will not be a successful endeavor.  Areas that benefit from air sealing include electrical dumps, the attic access portal, and around can lights.  Once the attic has been sealed, insulation can be added, and any ventilation upgrades can be made.  The ultimate goal in the wintertime should be to get the attic the same temperature as it is outdoors.

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"You have done a wonderful job with attic insulation.  Your crews were so kind to our neighbors and cleaned up great!!"

Sandy M.
Minneapolis, MN
November 14, 2019

"Would highly recommend."

Jerry K.
Shoreview, MN
September 26, 2019

Everyone (the steel roofers, spray foam installers, and LeafGuard® installers) was very professional yet personable and friendly. They did a great job while overcoming some difficult problems presented by my old 1 1/2 story house.

Jack H.
Minneapolis, MN
September 11, 2019

"I highly recommend Lindus Construction. They provide knowledgeable assessment with options for our consideration. All personnel develop a positive working relationship that goes above and beyond the requirements. Their honesty, communication, expertise, and hard work is exceptional. We have had both LeafGuard® and attic insulation successfully completed by Lindus. We are looking forward to our next project."

Marilyn L.
River Falls, WI
August 23, 2019

"They did great.  We’ve already used them for a second project."

Ryan C.
St. Paul, Mn
August 20, 2019

"Lindus insulated our attic and basement. They came on time, communicated well and didn't leave a mess behind."

Leslie S.
St. Paul, MN
March 15, 2019
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