Feb 18, 2021

A Guide to Commonly Used Siding Terms

No matter the subject matter, reading through a contract can be nerve wracking.  However, this holds even more true when the contract covers a subject you only have a vague familiarity with.  If you’re considering the completion of a home siding project in the future, it’s important to understand the commonly used terminology that you might see on your contract to guarantee there are no surprises once work commences.  Here’s our guide to commonly used siding jargon the ensures you’ve got a full comprehension of your home’s exterior transformation.

Board & Batten: In this siding configuration, wide boards and narrow wooden battens are used to create a unique, geometric, layered impression.  Boards can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Red sidingCaulking: During siding installation, waterproof caulking is used to plug joints at the joining together of different materials.

Fascia: Fascia is located just below the roofline behind the gutters.  It is often thought of as the trim around which your roof is mounted on uncovered ends of the rafters or above exterior walls to form an overlay between the edge of the roof and outside.  Popular materials used for fascia are aluminum, wood, and plastic.

eagan soffit and fascia

House Wrap: House wrap is installed before siding with the purpose of acting as a protectant against air and water infiltration.  Not all house wrap is the same.  It’s worth investing in a house wrap with insulative properties, like Insultex™ House Wrap® that is rated at R-6.  This creates a more energy efficient home and lowers utility bills.

insultexGable: A gable consists of dual roof sections angled in opposite directions and installed where the highest horizontal edges come together to form a roof ridge.  Many times, homeowners opt to vary the type of siding used on their gables in order to add architectural interest and curb appeal.

LP shakesLap Siding: This term is used for siding that is installed horizontally in a way that causes boards to overlap.

st louis park mn LP SmartSide

Reveal: Also called an exposure, the siding reveal is the observable space between the bottoms of bordering rows of siding.

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"We love the exterior job your company did for us a couple years ago! We highly recommend."

Joanne F.
Maple Grove, MN
December 5, 2020

"I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. I have now used it for multiple projects over the years. From LeafGuard®, to steel siding, to decking and general repair all has gone well. They don't start a project until they are ready to complete it. There is stop/start with them. They start it and complete it and then go on to the next customer. Never have they given me the cheapest bid but the quality of their workmanship is always superb, so I give them the job. Only once have I needed a follow-up service. This was done quickly and at no additional cost."

Roger C.
Shoreview, MN
November 28, 2020

"Lindus gave our house a total exterior makeover a couple years ago. We’ve been so pleased with the workmanship and aesthetics!"

Joanne F.
Maple Grove, MN
November 18, 2020

"We had a new deck as well as some new siding installed this summer. The installation was super professional and Thomas, Chad and Joe seemed to enjoy the work and were more than happy to explain the processes of the project. Lindus wants to get it right the first time and uses best quality materials along with the extra brace, the extra screw and extra nice finishing touches. Lindus might be a little more expensive than some contractors but I believe we got what we paid for. I plan to use them in future projects."

Charles H.
Apple Valley, MN
July 10, 2020

"Our experience was GREAT! I couldn’t imagine anything different!  We are extremely happy and satisfied with every stitch of work completed here.  The customer service and workers deserve the highest of ratings! Absolutely! Thank you greatly!"

Janys K.
Bloomington, MN
May 29, 2020

"We are very pleased with the new siding of our home. It turned out as good as we could have hoped for and the workers at our home were very nice and willing to answer any questions we had. Would definitely work with again."

Caleb B.
Oakdale, MN
April 17, 2020
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