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James’ GAF Roofing & LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Blaine, MN

One of the biggest misconceptions about hail damage to a roof is that if it isn’t obvious from the ground, there is minimal destruction.  However, savvy homeowners understand that the best way to determine if they need to submit a hail damage roof insurance claim is to have a reputable contractor inspect all aspects of their property.  In James’ case, the roof appeared to be in decent shape when standing on the ground.  However, we climbed up on his roof to complete an inspection and we were greeted with a countless hail indentations.  His gutters had fared no better.  Our team had completed a residential metal roofing project at James’ last home in Roseville, MN and he’d appreciated its capacity to withstand hail damage.  While he wasn’t interested in a metal roof for his new home, he did want our feedback on impact-resistant GAF roofing.  He also wanted to upgrade his current gutters to a maintenance-free option.

hail roof
Here’s how the roof looked when we inspected it.

Here are the Solutions We Suggested:

Roofing: When we learned that one of James’ top priorities was installing an asphalt roof that could better withstand the impact of hail, we suggested the installation of GAF Armor Shield II shingles.  They pass the UL 2218 Class 4 Impact-Resistance Test, making them eligible for discounts with some insurance companies.  In order to pass this test, shingles must be absent of lacerations and fractures on the front and back after having a 2” steel ball dropped on them from a height of 20’.  Class 4 is the best possible rating. GAF Armor Shield II shingles are able to achieve this distinction because of their patented composition that has a rubber-like consistency.  The shingles are crafted to give the appearance of a wood shake look, enhancing a home’s curb appeal.  James opted for shingles in Barkwood.  This color was the perfect complement to the home’s siding and shutters.

Gutters: When you’ve just installed a roof with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty on labor and materials, the last thing you want to do is speed up its lifespan with shoddy gutters.  Undersized gutters can cause water back up on a roof.  If this happens over an extended period of time, mold can grow, fascia rot can occur, and the roof’s overall structure can become compromised.  For this reason, James opted to have our team install LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.  Not only have they earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, but they’re the only patented one-piece, seamless gutter system guaranteed never to clog.  In the event they ever do, it will be our team with safety equipment addressing the situation free of charge.

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Reviews From Blaine, MN Homeowners:

"Very happy with Lindus! Would definitely recommend them!!"

Karen H.
Blaine, MN
December 24, 2021

"Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did installing our LeafGuard®! It was a great experience starting with Roger coming out and giving the estimate, to the office keeping us informed of our install date, to the installation guys and Josh who came out to inspect the work. (With all the home improvements we had done, we've never had a company come out and do a quality inspection on their work.) We're loving sitting back, watching the leaves fall and blow right off our gutters instead of thinking about getting the ladder out and going on the roof to blow our gutters out! If we hear of anyone looking for gutters, we will definitely recommend Lindus Construction."

Kevin & Bev H.
Blaine, MN
November 8, 2021

"Matt was great when he came out to do our estimate and he added the hinge kickers too. Adam and Chase did a fantastic installation. I work at home and their work didn't disturb me at all plus very professional and Adam went over the new style hinge kickers before leaving. We had LeafGuard® on our previous house for 16 years and never had an issue. For this install, it was possibly 6-8 weeks out from our estimate but we were scheduled within a week which was awesome."

Lynn W.
Blaine, MN
July 26, 2021

"It went well and this work achieved our goal of keeping the second floor close to the same temperature as the first in the summer."

Robert B.
Blaine, MN
June 28, 2021

Excellent job, good communication, expensive but would recommend them to anyone."

Gregory H.
Blaine, MN
April 30, 2021

"We are confident no detail was left undone or unaccounted for and the attention to detail is comforting to homeowner.  T.J. was great and it was our great pleasure to meet and work with Josiah. Great asset to Lindus."

Kevin & Connie V.
Blaine, MN
April 13, 2021
75% Off Installation Labor on GAF Asphalt Shingles, LeafGuard® Gutters, Infinity® from Marvin Windows.  No Payments Or Interest Until April 2023. We are also offering a free heat map analysis with insulation estimates through January 31st, 2022.
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