Apr 03, 2015

Secrets to Maximizing Your Roof’s Life Expectancy

Many health insurance companies offer wellness incentives to keep their clients healthy like discounted smoking cessation programs, health coaching over the phone and free annual physicals.  That’s because they know that preventative steps are imperative to keeping their clients healthy for as long as possible.  A homeowner can take a page out of this playbook by taking measures to keep their roof in the best possible shape for as long as possible.  Here are top tips to stretch out the longevity of your roof.

Routine Roof Inspections

If you’re able, climb up on your roof once in the spring and once in the fall to remove any debris.  Inspect shingles for cracking, loss of granules, cracking, etc.  If you’re not comfortable getting on the roof, stand on the ground with a pair of to look for these issues.  Should you notice any damage, consult with a reputable roofing contractor who can advise whether a repair or replacement is needed.

Here’s Why it’s So Important to Inspect Your Roof After a Storm:

Attic Insulation

Adequate attic insulation will stabilize your home’s temperature, saving you on energy costs.  Insulation also acts as a preventative to keep water vapor from collecting on the underside of your roof.  If your attic gets too hot, your shingles may fail prematurely.

Attic Ventilation

You may not realize it but the health of your roof depends heavily on your attic’s ventilation.  Skimping on attic ventilation can cause your shingles to fail prematurely, ruin your insulation and increase your energy costs.  Another side effect of inadequate ventilation is ice dams.  Ice dams usually occur after a heavy snowfall and several days of freezing temperatures. Warm air inside your home leaks into the attic and will warm the underside of the roof causing snow and ice on the roof to melt. The melted water will drain along the roof, under the snow, until it reaches the cold overhang. The overhang tends to be at the same temperature as the outdoors and the melted water will refreeze and form an ice dam and icicles. The ice dam can cause damage to the roof, which will result in water leaks to the inside. Frequently the result will be a water spot on the ceiling under the roof damage.  It’s also important to note that many roofing manufacturers will not warranty a roof that is not ventilated correctly.
 Insulation being installed in an attic

Tree Branches

Keep tree branches trimmed back so they are not in direct contact with your roof, which can scratch your shingles.  Wind can also cause branches to fall from the trees damaging, or even puncturing, your shingles.  Too many leaves on your roof can cause blockage in your gutters not allowing for proper drainage.

A 50 Year Roof?

Yes, you read that correctly!  Asphalt roofing manufacturer, GAF, offers a 50 year, non-prorated warranty on both labor and materials on their roofing.  Make your next roof the last one you ever buy.  Lindus Construction proudly offers GAF roofing and is happy to hold the status of Master Elite roofer, a distinction that only 3% of roofing contractors hold.  Furthermore, we are previous recipient of GAF’s Roofer of the Year award and are one of 10 contractors nationwide to have been named to GAF’s Triple Star President’s Club.

See the Components That Make Up GAF’s 50 Year Roofing System: 

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