Oct 26, 2019

Must-Know Details About Home Insulation, Windows, & Siding

Lindus Construction’s COO, Andy Lindus, shares must-know information about your home’s insulation, windows, and siding.

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Home Insulation & Window Problems

As the cooler temperatures drop and furnaces start being used, homes with inadequate insulation and ventilation may begin to experience what’s known as the stack effect.  When this happens, a home pressurizes and pulls air from the attic.  The stack effect can make new windows feel drafty, when the home’s insulation and ventilation are the true culprits.

The stack effect can also comprise a home’s air quality if bat or rodent droppings are present in the attic.  This is due to the contaminated air being pulled downward through the insulation into a home’s living quarters.Twin Cities’ home in winter

For homes with older windows, winter weather can highlight those in need of window replacement.  While it can seem like a cost saving measure to install new glass packs in place of full frame window replacement, this approach often produces subpar results.  In addition, locating and finding a glass pack that’s a perfect fit can prove expensive and tedious.

If a window is outside of its manufacturer warranty, oftentimes the best course of action is the installation of new windows.  This provides an opportunity to work with a reliable contractor and manufacturer that can provide customized solutions with iron-clad warranties on both labor and materials.

Quality contractors and manufacturers rarely have warranty claims and if they do, the process is hassle-free.  While cost may be more upfront, there’s peace of mind knowing that reliable products are being installed in a manner that is safe to the homeowner and contractor.

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Regardless of age, condensation can form on windows if the home’s levels of humidity are too high.  For example, if it’s 0°, a home’s humidity levels should be 20%-30%.  Fall temperatures dictate when home humidity levels should be less than 40%.  Otherwise a home is not working as it should.  Window condensation proves problematic when it spreads to the wood surrounding the windows, causing rot.

Benefits of New Siding

For homeowners needing new siding, it’s wise to fully evaluate the materials now available in today’s marketplace before making a commitment.  While aluminum siding was once a popular selection, many homeowners are looking for alternative options.  This is because aluminum siding frequently oxidizes, causing a white, chalky film on the siding.

While painting can be done to remedy this issue, the siding never looks as aesthetically pleasing as it did new.  Siding options that offer better long-term results include seamless steel and LP® SmartSide®.  Midwestern homeowners appreciate that LP® SmartSide® is manufactured in Two Harbors, MN or Tomahawk, WI.  In terms of curb appeal, LP® SmartSide® is unmatched.  It’s also easy to install and has industry-leading warranties, particularly when coated with Diamond Kote®

Home with LP SmartSide Siding

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"The installation went great! The install took around 3 hours and all of the old gutters were removed and hauled away. The installers did a great job!"

James P.
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January 26, 2024

"Super job done by Jake and Drew.  Clean-up was excellent!!"

Gina M.
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January 11, 2024

"Finally made the decision to get a covered gutter system and I have no doubt we came to the right place with Lindus. From the estimator to the office staff to the installation crew, work looks great, product used is high quality and the people working at Lindus and the crew, you are professional and skilled. The LeafGuard® looks great and we are confident we made the right decision on this home improvement."

Anne T.
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"It was an all day job that was done to perfection. My new exterior door is beautiful and the storm door is top-notch. The job turned out better than I imagined. Wow! The workers were courteous, cleaned up well, and ensured I knew the mechanics of my new doors. Would highly recommend Lindus to anyone."

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January 4, 2024

"5 stars! Thank you for a great product and a great team!"

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"Crew was the best! Big thanks to Jake."

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