Dec 28, 2018

How to Clean and Maintain Your Cabinets

Have your kids or pets left marks all over the doors of your cabinets? Maybe your spouse is a little messy in the kitchen and you’re continuously finding a new creation of blemishes. Regardless, it doesn’t take much for cabinets to get dirty. Here are our tips on how to clean them properly so that they look their best.

Start with the Basics

In today’s world, we are constantly looking for natural ways to keep our homes clean. Many homeowners are gravitating towards cleaning solutions made of holistic ingredients.  This approach is more environmentally friendly and keeps allergies at bay. If you’re a slapdash cook, it’s good to remember that wood grain absorbs grease and dirt even if cabinets are stained and sealed. Grimy messes can be cleaned up with a 7:1 combination of vinegar and rubbing alcohol.  Add in a couple drops of dish soap as well.  Use a soft microfiber cloth to apply the solution and rub until clean, then rinse off with warm water. Laminate cabinets should be wiped down with a microfiber cloth weekly.  The cabinets around your stove and oven tend to attract and hold grease more than others. Use a spray bottle to mix equal parts vodka and water and apply it to the surface of the cabinet to cut through the heavy grime. Vodka is also a marvelous cleaner for range hoods and countertops as well. If these steps don’t remove the imperfections, create a mixture of baking soda and water to create a paste, use a sponge and scour until the stain is gone followed by rinsing with water and wiping with a dry cloth.

Products That Can Ruin Wooden Cabinets

Cleaning cabinets can be an annoying task. Save yourself the heartache of sabotaging your cabinets by staying away from harsh products that are certain to cause damage. Cabinets should never come in contact with bleach, nail polish remover, paint thinners, petroleum-based products, plastic brushes or steel wool.

Fix Nicks and Scratches

Most showrooms or manufacturers will supply a touch-up kit with your purchase. They are created to closely color match your cabinets. When your order is placed, verify that you’ll receive the kit.

Avoid Moisture Problems

Avoid resting wet or damp towels on cabinet doors. Standing water on top of cabinets can damage the finish causing peeling paint or color transformation. Be sure to turn on the exhaust fan while cooking to lower the amount of grease flying onto the cabinets. Any grease splatter should be cleaned up immediately. Letting grime sit on the surface of your cabinets can also damage the finish.

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Fend Off Too Much Light

Too much direct sunlight can damage the surface of your cabinets by enabling them to fade. Even if your cabinets are painted or laminated, sun damage can still happen. Installing curtains or window shades can reduce fading.

Dodge Heat Damage

Some ovens have a self-cleaning option creating a fierce heat. If the heat escapes it could cause damage to the cabinets. Prevent further damage by removing the cabinet doors and drawers closest to the oven.

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