Dec 21, 2018

Types of Cabinet Finishes & Helpful Hints

When it comes to planning a home remodeling project, more specifically your kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to choose the best wood finish.  The five most common types of cabinet finishes are natural, stains, glazes, veneers, and paints. Regardless of the finish that is used, most cabinet manufacturers use a baking process so that the end result is strong and durable.  Designating the most fitting kitchen cabinet finish allows the heart of your home to be personalized and polished.  Here’s what you need to know about different types of cabinet finishes before starting your home remodeling project.

Natural Wood Finish

Natural wood finish cabinets seals and protects the wood without using stains or dyes.  This is accomplished through a clear or opaque finish. Clear finishes include lacquer, shellac, varnish, oils and polyurethane. Applying a clear finish allows for the natural grains, markings and color of the wood to show through. An opaque finish uses a combination of paint and lacquers.  These are sometimes used to make two different pieces of wood look similar by changing the color of the wood. Lacquer is also used as a cabinet finishing and must be pre-catalyzed or acrylic-based in order to protect the wood from moisture. Premium natural wood cabinets use a minimum of three coats of lacquer that is sprayed on, sanded between each coat with the final coat being wet sanded, and compounded with wax to get a clear, glowing finish. Varnish offers a similar natural finish cabinet but is more enduring than a lacquer, neither being stronger than using a polyurethane finish.

Wood Stain Finish

Wood stain finish is used to enhance or change the appearance of the wood. Using a stain alone doesn’t provide protection, though. Manufacturers add a UV protectant to prevent sun fading and apply a sealer in addition to preserve the wooden cabinets.

Cabinet Finishing Glaze

Glaze for cabinets is a a transparent, colored material that changes or amplifies the color of the cabinet. Finishing glaze is also used to give the appearance of age of a more heavily grained wood and add character and depth to a wood surface. To give it a special look, glazes are applied by hand ensuring the uniqueness of your cabinet.

Cabinet Veneers

A veneer is a thin piece of wood glued to another piece of wood or plywood, usually about .5 mm. Veneers can be painted or stained and are used to provide stability in damp areas. Usually rare, exotic woods are used as veneers because of the uncommonness and cost of the species.  Veneers are often used on the sides of cabinets. If they are sealed properly, they should last a lifetime. Poor sealing of veneer finish cabinets will lead to chips and damage as moisture enters the particleboard causing the piece to swell and fail.

Paint Finish For Cabinets

Paint finish offers an unlimited amount of color choices, compared to wood where you’re confined to browns and stains. Latex paint finish for cabinets needs to have a clear, protective topcoat to maintain the look. Lacquer paint is stronger than latex, manufacturers use two coats of paint and a clear coat of lacquer to attain a clean smooth finish.

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