Aug 22, 2022

Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Gutter Contractor

Shopping for gutter protection systems can be a daunting task.  Not only are there countless gutter guards available, but there are numerous home gutter installation companies. Before hiring gutter installers or a company, make sure you vet their credentials, customer reviews, warranties, and of course their gutter replacement options.  At a minimum, we strongly suggest you ask the following five questions before hiring gutter installers to help improve your home’s functionality.

Are The Systems You Install Guaranteed To Be Clog-Free Gutters?

It goes without saying that gutter maintenance is a chore that cannot be ignored.  Clogged gutters can lead to damaged siding, landscape erosion, and wet basements.  In addition, water that is left sitting in clogged gutters can quickly attract mosquitoes.  Asking your contractor to verify if the leaf guards they are installing on your house are clog-free gutters ensures that you’ll no longer have to undergo the tedious and dangerous chore of emptying leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris from your house gutters.

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Can I See A Copy Of Your Gutter Installer Insurance Policy?

Reputable companies that install gutter toppers have no issue showing homeowners a copy of their insurance policy.  In addition to making sure the policy exists, homeowners should also pay attention to the amount of coverage the gutter installation contractor has.  The policy should include coverage for both property damage and worker’s compensation.  Without appropriate limits, a homeowner could incur the expenses instead of the gutter contractors.


What Type of Gutter Installation Warranty Do You Provide?

It’s important to note that most gutter leaf guards won’t malfunction immediately.  However, gutter guards that are installed incorrectly can pull away from a home over time.  In addition, if gutter protection systems aren’t installed at the correct slope, they can overflow.  When getting information about warranties associated with rain gutters, be sure to get information on the guarantees associated with both labor and materials.

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What Is The Size Of The Rain Gutter Replacement You’ll Be Installing?

A home gutter system can come in an array of sizes.  If you’re questioning if five- or six-inch gutters are better, most home gutter companies agree that a larger system is better.  That’s because six-inch gutter protection systems can handle a higher volume of water, ensuring that water is effectively channeled away from a home’s foundation.  Oversize downspouts should also be a part of the gutter replacement project.

Is This Home Gutter System Seamless?

Homeowners having gutter installation performed have their choice between seamed and seamless gutters.  Gutters with seams are purchased in sections and pieced together.  However, seamless gutters are custom manufactured in lengths that match a home’s dimensions.  When choosing between seamed and seamless gutters, important to know that seamed gutters are prone to leaking over time.  That’s because over time, the seams on the gutters weaken.  When this happens, the home gutter system weakens and water is able to penetrate the seams, compromising the integrity of the gutters.


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Over 100,000 homeowners in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities area, along with western Wisconsin, have trusted the experts at Lindus Construction with exterior enhancements including LeafGuard® gutter installation.

Rest assured, that as your home gutter installation specialists, you can depend on our exceptional customer service, exemplary craftsmanship, and products that are pledged to last a lifetime. Contact us today if you have any questions and we’ll happily provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  When you’re ready to streamline your home improvement project, get an estimate.

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"It went well.  Thank you!"

Ruth B.
Rosemount, MN
February 8, 2023

"Thank you so much for everything!! It was such a pleasure working with Logan, Rob, Bob, Micah & Trevor (installed our LeafGuard® Gutters and downspouts) and Austin & Hunter (installed the garage door siding with new stops). They were wonderful and nice and thorough and very competent."


Mick & Mary D.
St Paul, MN
January 19, 2023

"I am happy with the work done on the gutter install."

Sandy R.
Red Wing, MN
January 15, 2023

"The technician worked very efficiently and put in long hours to get the job done. Excellent work and we were very grateful."

Pam L.
Oakdale, MN
January 12, 2023

"We have had them do work at our home before and at my parents' house. They did great work!"

Sue R.
St. Croix Falls, WI
January 3, 2023

"It was a pleasure dealing with Lindus Construction for the purchase and install of gutters on my house.  The workmen were efficient and professional. They arrived as scheduled, did the work efficiently, cleaned up and left the worksite as good or better than before.  Lindus Construction was a pleasure to work with."

Theresa F.
Prior Lake, MN
December 23, 2022
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