Oct 09, 2020

Why Gutter Maintenance Is A Chore That Can’t Be Ignored

Fall is in full swing.  This season brings us apple orchard visits, pumpkin lattes, and bonfires.  However, it does have a major downside; leaves falling from trees quickly filling up the gutters in homes throughout the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, leaving them clogged. This leaves homeowners with a choice…ignore the problem or tackle it head-on.  Unfortunately, taking the easy route can have detrimental consequences.  Here’s what you need to know.

Why Is It Important to Get Leaves Out of Your Gutters?

Leaves left in your gutters guarantee that they will clog.  This proves problematic because clogging prevents water from being filtered away from the home.  Without this, there is substantial risk for water in your basement or damage to your foundation.  Another risk with letting leaves sit in your gutters is that it isn’t long before they become wet and soggy.  This additional weight can cause your gutters to detach from your home or disturb the pitch necessary to allow water to exit the gutters.  Even more frightening is that clogged gutters can allow water to get behind a fascia board and travel to your attic.  If this happens, dry rot can ensue and quickly spread.  This scenario can also lead to wet insulation and attic mold.  Gutters left clogged over the winter can actually lead to ice dams that cause pricey damage to the interior of your home. Worse yet if an ice dam is bad enough, it can lead to the need for full roof replacement.


How Do You Safely Clean Out Gutters?

Avoid using the ladder that’s been in your home for three generations.  First and foremost, make sure that the ladder you choose does not have any broken rungs.  Ideally, it should be less than 10-years-old.  Be sure to set the ladder up properly; take the time to dig it in and tie it off if necessary.  A harness system can also act as a preventative against a dangerous fall.  If this project is outside of your comfort zone, contact a reputable professional to unclog your gutters for you.

How Do I Know If Clogged Gutters are Causing Damage to My Home?

Siding that is stained can be indicative of standing water in your gutters.  Stationary water has the potential to lead to damaged fascia boards behind your gutters and your shingles.  Water that pools around your foundation due to clog gutters can lead to erosion.  This compromises the integrity of the walls, which will eventually create foundation cracking, settling, and a wet basement.  Dry rot on your fascia boards and attic mold growth are also frequently caused by clogged gutters.

How Do I Eliminate Clogged Gutters For Good?

LeafGuard® Brand Gutters offer the ultimate peace of mind because they are guaranteed to be clog-free.  Constructed of aluminum that’s 20% thicker than ordinary gutters, they have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.  In the unlikely event they ever do clog, the installing contractor will come out and clean them free of charge.  They are certified to handle over 32 inches of rain in an hour. The system’s proprietary ScratchGuard® paint has a warranty protecting against chipping, peeling, cracking, or rusting.


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Our LeafGuard® Installation Reviews:

"They did a super job and they were very pleasant."

Hedda O.
Minneapolis, MN
September 19, 2020

"Lindus Construction did a fabulous job in all areas of purchasing and installing my LeafGuard® gutters. The workmen were efficient, professional, and willing to answer any questions I had during the installation. I did have one area that I felt needed to be redesigned and they were more than accommodating to make this happen. A supervisor showed up with a technician and they both agreed that the redesign would make a lot of sense. They completed the work without any hesitation and the results looked fabulous. I would recommend Lindus Construction to anyone who is considering buying and having Leaf Guard gutters installed. I love my new gutters!!"

Janine S.
Apple Valley, MN
September 18, 2020

"Every aspect of this sale/installation was totally professional. Installers knew exactly what to do when they showed up right at the scheduled time. They both were friendly, customer-oriented, respectful and hard workers despite the extremely hot weather they had to work in.  They left to begin another install elsewhere when they finished our job much more quickly than expected. They even returned the next day, unasked, to finish up some last-minute design modifications we made once we saw how the LeafGuard® drain system had been originally designed. We experienced a major downpour two days after the installation and are completely satisfied with how it worked. Lindus and their employees proved the maxim that you get what you pay for; in this case a very satisfying solution to an inconvenient and on-going problem."

Matt & Dorothy O.
New Hope, MN
September 5, 2020

"It went great! It took about a day and a half to get them installed. Our house is small but the upper floor's roof line is very high off the ground; the installer had to go up on an extended ladder to reach it, but the gutters are flush against the building all around. I would definitely recommend Lindus Construction."

Jennifer M.
Mound, MN
August 14, 2020

"Brett and Matt were the best. I've had several tradespeople out over the last few weeks to do work on my home - Brett and Matt win the kind, professional, good work ethic award! Thank you!"

Claire C.
Shorewood, MN
August 10, 2020

"We really appreciated the high quality of work and professionalism of the team. Exterior work on a house is loud by nature. The team was very unobtrusive and let us know of key update points without making the whole day about the work being done. They were great people and very respectful."

Erik E.
Eden Prairie, MN
August 1, 2020
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