Nov 21, 2018

Are 5 Inch or 6 Inch Gutters Better?

If you’re in the market for gutters, there are two statements that likely apply to you.  First, it’s not a purchase you’ve made recently.  Second, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the gutter sizes and  options available to you.  One of the biggest questions you’ll probably run into is size.  If you’re asking yourself if gutter size matters, it truly does.  Two of the most common sizes are five or six inch gutters.

5 Inch Gutters

Five inch gutters can hold significantly less water than six inch gutters.  This can quickly result in overflowing gutters, especially if they’re clogged. This can turn into water coming back towards your home instead of being directed away from it. Potential consequences include foundation problems, an overwatered lawn, and mud splashing against your siding. All of these elements detract from your home’s curb appeal.

6 Inch Gutters

Compared to other gutter sizes, having a six inch gutter allows more water to be collected inside the trough. Once inside the trough, it can properly distribute water into an oversized downspout and away from your home’s foundation. Six inch gutters offer the ultimate peace of mind because they assist in the dispersing water away from your home to protect its foundation, siding, and fascia boards.  All of these items contribute to overall health of your home.

Protect Your Home With LeafGuard® Brand Gutters

LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are a six inch gutter that provide exemplary control of water flow.  They are installed with a 3×4 downspouts versus a 3×2 “typical” downspout. Having an oversized downspout provides the benefit of directing a higher amount of water away from your home. In fact, LeafGuard® gutters direct twice the amount of water away from a home than ordinary downspouts that may be too short or too small. They have earned the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of approval, are accompanied by a no-clog guarantee, and have a seamless durable design.  LeafGuard® is the first step in improving house gutter appearance while simultaneously cutting out the extra attention of cleaning.

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"A very professional job done, looks great and done the way I asked. Thank you very much!"

Carl K.
Wilson, WI
August 28, 2023

"It went great.  I'm very satisfied."

Andrew W.
Lakeland, MN
August 24, 2023

"Your installers were highly professional, skilled, and worked diligently to complete the agreed to project/scope of work. Good communication between the homeowner and the provider is extremely important and a rare commodity these days. Please thank your crew members on our behalf for a job well done."

Bob E.
Stillwater, MN
July 27, 2023

"It went well!  The guys that did the work did a super job.  Two thumbs up!!"

Brian T.
Mendota Heights, MN
June 20, 2023

"A very professional company. Lindus explained the whole installation process which helped set my expectation. I would recommend Lindus to anyone."

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May 30, 2023

"Great communication, friendly and competent employees."

Beth D.
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May 17, 2023
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