Customer-Approved Storm Damage Repair Project in Bloomington, MN: Gutters, Roofing, Soffit & Fascia

For over four decades, Bruce has resided in his Bloomington, Minnesota home.  On two previous occasions, he’d had Lindus Construction complete home renovation enhancements on his property.  However, in May of 2022, Bruce suffered the misfortune of having storm damage roof repair due to a sizable tree falling on his home. The storm caused significant damage to the gutters, roofing, soffit and fascia.  With storm damage restoration contractors flocking to the Twin Cities from all parts of the country, Bruce was firm in his commitment to find work with a trusted local company for his roof replacement estimate.  He promptly reached out to our team for assistance with his storm damage insurance claim.

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Helping Bloomington, MN Residents With Roofing Insurance Claims For Storm Damage

Within a few days, our storm damage restoration contractors met with Bruce to help him document the full extent of his home storm damage.  There were several cracked and missing shingles, indicating a strong need for storm damage roof repair.  The home gutter system and downspouts were dented which can cause functionality issues and sections had pulled away from the home.  Parts of the soffit and fascia had pulled away completely from the home.  After working to help Bruce get insurance approval, our team of contractors worked swiftly to execute storm damage repair services to restore his Bloomington, MN home.  

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Roof Storm Damage

While only part of the roof had been damaged by the hail storm, the area with cracked and missing shingles required roof repair services to the impacted sections.  This was done to prevent future roof leaks.  We worked with Bruce and his insurance company to find a suitable match for his home’s preexisting shingles and worked to deliver a finished roofing project that did not show a notable difference between the current shingles and the new ones that were installed.

Owens Corning Roof

Fascia and Soffit Repair After A Large Storm

As an immediate priority, our team of contractors worked swiftly on damaged fascia and soffit replacement for Bruce’s Bloomington, MN home.  That’s because soffit and fascia act as a protective barrier to prevent rain and wind from penetrating a roof.  In addition, missing soffit and fascia can lead to dry rot around the roofing edge.  Our goal with this portion of the repair project was to rebuild the plywood soffit and fascia system on the south and east corners of the home and paint it white to match the undamaged sections.

soffit and fascia

Gutter Storm Damage Inspection & Replacement

Understanding the importance of a gutter drainage system, Bruce chose to have LeafGuard® Brand Gutters installed on his home.  They’re patented, seamless, and guaranteed never to clog.  This is due to their oversized trough and downspouts which can filter sizable amounts of water away from a home’s foundation.  Even more reassuring is that LeafGuard®  Gutters have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.  In fact, they’ve been certified to handle over 30 inches of rain in an hour.  It’s safe to say, this durable gutter replacement will last Bruce and his home a long time.

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Post-Storm Review From A Bloomington, MN Homeowner:

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Storm Damage Repair Reviews From Bloomington Residents:

"Josh and Tim did very professional job, they did excellent work and very friendly guys. Thank you."

Keith S.
Bloomington, MN
February 17, 2023

"Josh was here today and said the installers did a great job.  Looking forward to seeing you for the door estimate."

John R.
Bloomington, MN
February 2, 2023

"Please recognize Jake & Jim Maves for their outstanding work in installing the back door to my 100 year-old house. The inspector came to inspect the door today.  He said the workmanship was excellent! I am so happy with the installation which required a skilled carpenter. It was my good fortune that you sent Jake & Jim to do the job. They were both customer friendly while at the same time dedicated to getting the job done to perfection!. THANK YOU!"  

Pat M.
Bloomington, MN

"Always polite and considerate. Last inspection was a quality control and I was impressed with him and his thorough inspection. Great job!"

Irene S.
Bloomington, MN
December 20, 2022

"Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me out.  Your expertise made all the difference in helping me resolve my house projects!"

Patricia M.
Bloomington, MN
August 19, 2022

“Thank you to the entire team for the outstanding job on the insulation job of my 100-year-old home!  Eric took the time to walk me through the entire process and even came back a second time to sort out venting questions.  Project manager, Randall, made sure the insulation installed met your quality standards.  Every member of your team worked very hard and didn’t end their day until the job was done right.  I look forward to energy savings and no critters in my attic!”

Pat M.
Bloomington, MN
July 26, 2022
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