Dec 26, 2018

Create a Clutter Free Kitchen with Double Stacked Cabinets

Your kitchen is the soul of your home. Making memories and meals with family or even just a late-night snack, your kitchen is where it all begins.  If your kitchen is a room you avoid and you’re thinking about making some home remodeling updates, having double stacked cabinets opens up your space giving you more room to cook and entertain in a clutter free space.

What Are Double Stacked Cabinets?

Double stacked cabinets are a set of wall hung cabinets resting on top of another to create more kitchen storage space without muddling your environment. Allowing more counter and walking space, double stacked cabinets are the upgrade your kitchen is craving.double stacked cabinet

Why is an Open Kitchen Important?

By opening up the capacity of your kitchen, you’re allowing yourself and your guests to have a freer flowing space to gather. Take a look above your kitchen cabinets. If there’s an open space between your cabinets and the ceiling, you’ve got room for a kitchen renovation to expand without compromising your turf. Moving your kitchen cabinets clears up counter space by allowing your kitchen gadgets to be kept away with easy access. Having an open concept kitchen keeps your counters and mind jumble free.

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Here’s Our Guide to Successfully Executing a Kitchen Remodel:

Pros of Double Stacked Kitchen Cabinets

While having double stacked kitchen cabinets gives you freer space, it also allows for your personal touch in the design. Picking a layout and color or stain for your cabinets gives it the special personality you’ve been looking for. Adding a glass panel to the front of the cabinet allows you to retain kitchen storage while present your cherished items, such as a family plate that’s been passed down for generations. Along with a glass front comes lighting. Adding in small lights inside of the double stacked kitchen cabinets gives an extra shine and gleam to your display. With double stacked cabinets and added lighting, your kitchen space totally opens up.

Cons of Stacked Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Although having the extra space, taller cabinets can be more difficult to reach. Without a step stool or small ladder, you may have a difficult time accessing the upper parts of the double stacked kitchen cabinets. Allocating for two sets of wall-hung cabinets will increase your budget as well.  If you’re still unsure what the best option is for you, consider refacing or restoring kitchen cabinets to breathe new life into them.


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"Lindus Construction is always on time. Does a wonderful job and the people completing the work is always very friendly."

Jean W.
Hammond, WI
May 26, 2022

"We have used Lindus Construction in the past and have always been very pleased with their work. We knew we wanted Lindus when considering a total kitchen remodeling project. Jason was the lead carpenter on the project with his assistant Brock. They repaired a cupboard and drywall that was damaged from too much weight in the cupboard. After our ceiling repair, Jason constructed a soffit for that area that blended in beautifully with the flow of the room and looked like it had always been there. They were also able to adjust the hole in the quartz countertop for the cooktop to fit as it should. They did a great job on the entire remodeling project. We highly recommend Lindus Construction." 

Justine B.
Coon Rapids, MN
September 7, 2021

"Oh I love the bathroom!  Everyone was very professional.  They all told me when were coming and were on time.  I would recommend Lindus Construction to anyone that is planning any construction."

Barb C.
Hudson, WI
April 28, 2021

"When we first met Eric, it was evident he had an exceptional talent to provide a skilled assessment of a variety of remodeling jobs.  Eric was very knowledgeable and provided answers to our many questions.  Eric was incredibly adept, kind, and honest."

Bonita H.
Lindstrom, MN
February 26, 2021

"Excellent work. High standards. Outstanding communication with customers via email, text and the Buildertrend website. Excellent coordination and organization of all the worker groups involved in a major construction. The only delays were Covid-19 related and not their fault. Beautiful results with our cabin rebuild."

Marilyn D.
Comstock, WI
January 26, 2021

"If you’re going to remodel, windows or anything they do, hire them for a professional experience."

David C.
Minneapolis, MN
April 17, 2020
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