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Why We’re Crushing on Cambria Countertops

24 August 2015

In Chinese philosophy, the yin-yang symbol exemplifies the viewpoints that opposite forces are complementary and can actually create balance.  Your kitchen is one of the most important places to have a harmonious balance because of the amount of time you spend there preparing meals and connecting with family and friends.  It can be a struggle to incorporate elements that have both style & stability.  One company that has managed to achieve this is Cambria.  And here’s why we’re so enamored by them.

A Tale of Two Opposites: There’s a reason that granite countertops were all the rage a few years back and that’s because of their beauty.  There’s also a reason that they are tapering off in popularity.  That’s because they are high maintenance and require continuous sealing in order to keep them looking their best.  Cambria countertops come in over 120 designs, giving homeowners an abundance of upscale options to choose from.  Even better, Cambia countertops are comprised of natural quartz which is one of the hardest (and durable!) minerals on the planet.  If you’re seeking out a stain resistant surface, they’ve got that covered as well.

Unparalleled Design Options: Unlike other materials, where the sample and the actual product can vary due to nature, Cambria’s natural quartz countertops are quite consistent in their features.  Homeowners don’t have to settle for straight edges either.  They have the ability to choose from 19 different edging options of varying thicknesses.   If your kitchen upgrade plan also includes painting your walls, know that Cambria has a partnership with Benjamin Moore and that each of their countertop colors has four different paint shades that take into account hues of the countertop.  Cambria’s website has a page that allows you to see the paint & countertop options right next to each other.  (Beware; it was super addicting.  Tell us we’re wrong.)

Environmentally Conscious: Cambria seeks out quartz mined in North America which reduces the number of fossil fuels necessary for transportation.  The company also takes the initiative to make certain that each quarry location is restored once the quartz has been removed.  Their products are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low VOC emissions, making it a safe choice for your home.

Peace of Mind Installation: With the resolve to ensure their counters are properly installed, those completing the installation must be certified through Cambria University.  This additional step is crucial in protecting clients.   

A Family-Owned, Midwestern Company: While there are many distinctions that put Cambria countertops in a category of their own, there’s one that really tugs on our heartstrings.  It’s the fact that they are the sole privately held, family owned producer of natural quartz surfaces in the country.  As a family owned business ourselves, we value any company (especially those in our region) that is owned by a family rather, than a sizable group of nameless shareholders.